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today's must read: chief wiggles

Chief Wiggles has an excellent post about what's really going on in Iraq. It's the kind of story the big media rarely reports.

Look towards the end of the post for an idea put forth by a reader in response to Chief Wiggle's tale of an Iraqi child: Send toys to Iraq.

Let's put our money where our mouths are. We talk of wanting to help the people of Iraq; now is our chance to really do something about it.


How are you feeling? It sounded like you had your own personal Isabel going on within the confines of your head.

I have been sending toys in the boxes of goodies I have been sending to my cousin and my friend all along. Choose carefully, they certainly do not need any toys that imply violence! Although my cousin said the big box of Teddy Bears I sent a bit back actually frightened them at first!

Great idea, also isn't it time for holiday CDs to the troops?

I sent some to Afghanistan last year w/lights and snacks in the box, too.