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everyone knows it's windy

Was Isabel more hype than substance? Yes, there are millions without power right now and some states on the Eastern seaboard are experiencing flooding, but the way this storm was presented for the last week (Axis of Isabel postings notwithstanding), you would have thought Armageddon was approaching. At least, that's what Washington would have you believe, as they closed down yesterday and today, which looks to be a gorgeous, if windy, morning.

There was a death attributed to Isabel on Long Island, but I am going to correct those reports and attribute the death to stupidity. When you are warned that the waters of the ocean are dangerous, you don't tempt fate and go bodysurfing.

The aftermath of Isabel on Long Island is this: an incredibly picturesque sky.

Most of the clouds are huge and white and rise from the ground like fortresses. Black and gray wisps of thinner clouds move in front of them like ghosts. They are speeding through the sky on a mission; I've never seen clouds move so fast. I stared at the sky for a while as if I was watching a movie. There was one cloud that reminded me of one of the Four Winds from an old fairytale whose name I cannot think of right now. It was all puffed cheeks and fierce strength, looking like he was blowing Isabel straight out of here.

It is still very windy here; the streets are littered with tree parts large and small.. In fact, it looks very much like a great forest threw up. The traffic lights are still swinging and the light poles are bouncing up and down. I would guess that the gusts are ranging from 30-40 mph and when the wind isn't blowing you can tell that it's going to be very humid once Izzy blows her last strands out of here.

I hope we hear from all the Axis members soon, especially Kevin, who was right in the direct path of the storm.


now i have that damn song in my head, bitch...

oh, what i meant to say was "aaarrrggg, now i have that damn song in my head, scallywag.

Does it concern anyone else that the Federal Government, who we expected to keep functioning during a Soviet missle attack, closes down for a half inch of snow or a heavy rain storm?

they are attributing a death in Narragansett Bay up here in RI yesterday to Isabel, too... Dumb fuck was standing on a rock the surf was coming up and over. I attribute it to terminal stupidity. Dumb ass prolly heard all the warnings about increased swell and surf and ran down to see it up close & personal.

There is NO lifeguard in the genepool!

They freak out over a 1/4" of snow here in DC. I never lost power, DirectTV, or Internet access.

Here in Raleigh, it was like an incredibly bad storm--but still not all that scary as long as you didn't stare too long at the pine trees in the backyard rotating gently like sea anemones.

Lee and I spent the latter part of the evening playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance at his office. Power flickered on and off but never for more than a few seconds.

I can not believe these STUPID people are doing STUPID things and then it's being blamed "on the storm".

Is it really going to be humid there now? When the systems blow by here in FL, the weather is perfect and gorgeous afterwards -- they suck everything in the atmosphere up with 'em cart it off, so you're just left with blue, sunny skies. I'd say you got hosed.

Nice pics!!

They will be excellent wallpaper for my laptop in a matter of minutes.