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potpourri for 500, Alex

CNN was showing some idiot standing out in the hurricane trying to moonwalk. Or maybe that was just the wind blowing him back. He could barely stand up straight and it was obvious that if the wind got any stronger, the guy was going down. I was rooting for Darwin.

WXNation, which says it is America's live weather station, has a weblog. Today's entry has some good Isabel links, including webcams.

A person who stands out in a hurricane just to get on tv is called an idiot. The person who drives right into the heart of the hurricane because it is her duty to bring you the worst scenarios possible is called the Leader of the Axis of Isabel, a/k/a Meryl.

Here on Long Island, the wind is starting to kick into high gear and the skies are a dull, mean looking gray. We've begun with the soundtrack of a tropical storm: banging gates, rolling garbage cans, car alarms and branches falling to the ground. It is a weather symphony.

So yes, I do have things to blog about besides the weather. But you're going to have to wait until I find a home-made cure for this exruciating toothache, which may be part of allergies and sinuses or may just be a good old toothache. I'm looking for gin or rum. Mom said it worked on me when I was a baby.

Coming up later: high school football goons; the myth of zionism and Red Sox bashing.

And Meryl, you need to add Alan to the Axis. He's got some good Isabel blogging going on.

One Fine Jay is also doing some stellar huri-blogging.


About the tooth: Everyone in my family swears by swishing good whiskey around in your mouth. I don't know if it actually works, but I imagine after a few tries, it no longer matters.

May I suggest Oil of Oregano (If you think there's infection), or 5 fingers of scoth and a clove stuck into the gum.

In re: your toothache. Have you have had any fillings re-done lately, or did this just come out of nowhere? In any case, Motrin and Aleve work well, and are compatible with whiskey and bourbon (my two favorite home remedies).

Thank you so much, Michele.

Cheap whiskey works as well as good whiskey, if it is a tooth ache (seems to kill the bacteria for few weeks). Rum also works well. Any liquor works on sinus toothaches, until it wears off.

If it's still there tomorrow try major doses of antihistamines. (I've had both real and sinus, that's the only way I know to tell the difference.)