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Axis of Isabel Roundup

As a member of the Axis of Isabel, I suppose I should be making weather statements and giving tips on a regular basis.

We are under a tropical storm watch here, which makes me a lesser member of the Axis. It also makes me an Axis member who is not in danger of losing her power. At least not until tonight, when winds should gust to around 70mph. I've seen our power lines go down when a bird flaps its wings near them, so I'm thinking we may be in the dark tonight.

So how are the other members doing? Meryl has left her post and headed over to Heidi's house. Windy is blogging up a storm. Hah, a storm. Bill is drinking heavily and probably going through a gallon of hair gel an hour so the wind doesn't ruin his part.

Hey, here's some traffic cams where you can watch Isabel's wrath come down.

Drudge has covered this hurricane with such passion and fervor, I'm thinking the guy has a bit of a fetish. I can almost hear him..underneath the covers...all alone, yelling "You're a bad girl, Isabel. Bad girl! Flood me with your waters, you bitch!" Ok, maybe not. But he is a bit overboard on this.

Bill made up a drink called the Hurricade, which you can get the recipe for here.

I just saw a headline that said "Isabel's eyewall moves over NC" and I thought it said Israel's eyeball moves over NC. Which would have caused far more mass hysteria than a hurricane, though probably not as many flashlight sales.


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Someone with Photoshop should work on that eyeball over NC thing...

I did the same misreading on a Fox headline yesterday that I thought said "Residents Prepare for Israel's Devestation", or something like that.

We got some wind right here.

Drudge is in Florida. We all have hurricane fetishes here.

Ahem. Ahem. May I point out to you that by driving southeast I have put myself further into the HEART of the hurricane?

Left my post, indeed.

Keep it up, Michele, and you're outta the Axis.

Tropial storm warning. Ha! We're talking 80 mph winds here.

They're up to about 50 right now. It's a bit unnerving.

We've had a few gusts that rattle the house, but nothing sustained yet. I did just post about weather though. I've had to evacuate because of a hurricane before, so this isn't really stressing me. Tornados scare me though - they don;t give 48 hours notice like a hurricane.

I'm just outside of DC, so I guess that puts me in the Axis of Isabel also. I've posted some of my stuff so far, including pix of the bunker.

I think it just started raining here in NJ around the shopping mall crossroads of the state. Yeah, it's raining. I tucked all the garbage cans away and did some last minute preps. I think all the hatches are battened down. We just lost the lights for a moment and I went on battery on my laptop. But I don't know if that screws up the cpu. I have a little pen flashlight at my left hand and some candles in the kitchen. I'm in the living room right now.

Well, I seem to have survived ok. Being just east of the eyeball here in NC...(does that make me an ear?)

Lot of wind, rain, and irratating reporters..But we made it thru ok.