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why everyone should want the yankees to win it all

Ben Maller reports on rumors that Steinbrenner will retire if the Yanks win the World Series this year.

I think this is something all baseball fans can get behind.

By the way, like the Pennant Race Version of ASV? No? Too damn bad.


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Hmmm....can we get a written guarantee if the other teams agree to forfeit all their games?

ESPN's predicting a Bosox-Cubs Series.
How improbable is that?

As a Mets fan, I would like to say that I hate it. But as a guy who digs getting a laugh, here's a joke you'll appreciate:

What do Mets fans have to look forward to every year, moreso than the Yankees?

Next year...

Of course, I gave up on baseball a month ago when preseason football started, but I'm also a Jets fan.

At least I'm a Devils fan; the one team I like that actually wins!

yeah, but will it be one of those Michael Jordan "retirements", where he keeps coming back?

wait. Bosox-Cubs Series? Yeah, right. And next February, we can also look for the Bengals-Cardinals Super Bowl, too.

A George Frankensteinbrenner free world is certainly a laudable goal, but man, pulling for the Yankees? Whooee, that's gonna be a stretch for this cheesehead.

Pssssst...it's football season now. ;-p

I love the Yankee bobblehead, as that is exactly how I envision your typical Yankee player: robotic, eyes glazed, big fucking retarded smile on his face.

It's perfect.

Too bad I can't see the rest of the bobble because I imagine the smile is from Georgie behind him ramming a thick wad of cash up the player's pinstriped bung hole.


Whoa, Edward shoots, Edward scores!

Such animosity toward's humanity's greatest athletic organization. Such a pity. I wish we could all unite behind the Yankees so that their victories would bring happiness to all (except Boston). As a Yankee fan, I really don't wish other teams ill (again, except Boston), insofar as they finally lose to the Yankees. What I have witnessed, especially outside of New York City, is that people from other cities take a special pride in Yankee losses. They really are the team that everyone loves to hate. I personally think that there are teams much more deserving of widespread and deep animosity (like, say Boston).


I'm sorry to say, my favorite baseball team is any team playing the Yankees.
Should they make it to the Big Show, who do you think they'd be playing?

I'm liking the new look, but man, you'd think they'd get the bobbleheads looking a little better.

That rat bastard won't retire. I wish he would, because the best thing that happened to the Yankees was the two years he was banned from baseball. I believe they would never have won those World Series had he still been around for those two years making stupid trades and trying to buy a "winning team" with players who would be or should be retiring any day now.

Lesley, I'm not so sure about your assertion. As someone who grew up with the 88-92 Yanks, those years in which Steinbrenner was suspended were the worst of the Steinbrenner era.

As if you don't believe me, ask Rob Neyer

link: http://espn.go.com/mlb/columns/neyer_rob/1513646.html

Go A's.

Go Steinbreener. Leave that is. retire. Adios.
I have had enough of George. Nothing against the Yankees or the organization, they are the tops.
But enough is enough.
Art Modell is stepping away after this year, George, it's your time soon.

The Giants will own the Yankees in a highly-rated and largely entertaining Series.

I hate George, but then I'm a Mets fan. Trust me, you don't want to go back to the Yankees being run by penny-pinching corporate weasels like the CBS days. He may have bad judgment on his own, but George wants to win more than anybody, and he puts his money behind that.

I'll believe he's retiring about when I'll believe Arafat is retiring.

As attractive as the idea of George Steinbrenner leaving major league baseball is, I'm still going to put in a good word for the Minnesota Twins. Although they stunk up the league in June, they have the best record in baseball since the All-Star break and could go far if they can ever figure out how to beat Georgie's crew.