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An addendum to the post about DJ and his teacher. This morning he asked another question related to his teacher's musings:

Do you think only cops should be able to have guns?

Hmmm. Could be a verrrry interesting year.


Sheesh! This kid is too much! I guess today's questions will be something about abortions and same-sex marriages!

I read that question as "Do you think cops should be able to have guns?" and I was really worried for your son. The real line is only a tiny bit better, though.

It just might be time to get my eyes checked again...

Well... not to invoke the Jedi curse or anything, but:

"I've got a bad feeling about this"

well last night he asked rob how long we were dating before he touched my bosoms...

Ask DJ to ask the teacher if he/she knows the definition of the word "infringe." It means to violate. As in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, where the government shall not infringe upon a person's right to keep and bear arms.

Then have DJ ask the teacher if he/she is aware of what has happened in England after all firearms were outlawed a couple of years ago. I'll give the answer: violent crime has spiked up tremendously. The only other countries that have banned firearms were Communist China, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union.

Regarding General Clark, there are alot of officers in the Army who have come in contact with him, and their opinion isn't favorable. Lastly, as nearly everyone understands, just because you have a fancy degree from a prestigious institution, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

There endeth the rant.

I wouldn't worry too much about the questions. The teacher is probably just trying to get them to think for themselves so that the class can discuss arguments they come up with on either side of those issues. There's nothing wrong with a teacher encouraging critical thinking, be that teacher liberal, conservative, or whatever. In fact, I'd be more worried if students weren't asking their parents questions like that. The fact that the questions seem to be posed from a liberal standpoint doesn't mean the teacher is imposing a liberal worldview on the students. That's just his way of phrasing them.