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axis of isabel: where's the conspiracies?

[This post brought to you by the Axis of Isabel]

Here's what's really interesting about Hurricane Isabel: It is the one big story in the news that has no dividing line, no conspiracy theories attached to it, no political undertones.

The blackout? Some people claimed that it was caused by terrorists or blamed the Bush administration.

West Nile, Sars or any other rampant disease? Of course, they were introduced to the enivornment by terrorists or, you guess it, the Bush administration.

Look at the other stories; Gilligan and the BBC, the California recall, Wesley Clark, Iraq, Iran, Richard Grasso; all those topics will turn friendly converstations into brutal brawls in which the tin foil hats and fists come flying.

But I have yet to see anyone attribute Isabel to the secret underground cabal of fascists supported by George Bush. In fact, run by George Bush.

Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping for at least some wingnut or moonbat to find a way to link the current White House staff to the high winds and driving rains approaching North Carolina right now.

Come on, where's the Bush's Weather Machine theories? You know, the one that says he created this hurricane in order to take the nation's mind off of Iraq.

Where's the capitalist pig theories? How come no one has claimed that Home Depot and Target have figured out how to harness and control the weather so as to drive up sales in an otherwise slow economy?

I would like to see at least one story relating how The Great Satan is bearing down on us because we are sinful, evil people who masturbate frequently.

Oh, maybe some west coast people can start a feud saying that the east coast people always want all the attention and sympathy and how the news better give them this much attention next time an earthquake strikes.

I am losing my faith in humanity. I thought for sure that I would find at least one story, just one person, going off the rails over Isabel.

You people aren't getting sane on me, are you?


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It's global warming, I tell you. The extra atmospheric heat gives more enery to atmospheric phenomena like hurricanes. If Bush hadn't killed Kyoto, there wouldn't be any more global warming and we wouldn't have to worry about hurricanes anymore.

brush up on your meteorology & climatology

storms are present wherever a cold front meets a warm front. the severity of the storm is proportional to the temperature difference between the two fronts.

if the planet were indeed warming, the warming at the poles (remember the 'holes' in the ozone?) would be greater than the warming at the equator, so the difference between warm & cold fronts would be decreasing.
so we would see less, not more devastating storms.

what was the latest scare? that we're seeing the highest temperatures in 1000 years?
so what happened 1000 years ago that made it as warm as it is today? factories? SUVs? heat island effect? Bush not ratifying Kyoto? (never mind that every Senator in Congress voted against it, it was Bush!)

could it be just a natural variation of the planet's global temperature?

that would be the LEAST possible explanation, wouldn't it?

The Bush weather machine ?!?!?! If there is a weather machine at work here you KNOW it is the work of the Cassadine family. The only thing that could save would be Luke and Laura. And maybe an assist from Robert Scorpio.

Not to worry. Wait until after the destruction and havoc and then you will hear the stories of how a "failed administration" did not deliver promptly/compassionately/sufficiently. It's all in the timing.
Just be patient.


I mean, c'mon, there's got to be something there. Maybe Michael Rivero can find it.....

Now that I look again at how seriously Rob appeared to take Steve, I feel the need to note that the last post was really really really really kidding. However, keep an eye on Rivero anyway...if he can't pull a theory out thin air, no one can.

On The Screen Savers the other night, Bruce Sterling blamed Isabel on Global Warming and the Bush/Cheney OIIIIIIL connections.

No worries, Arminius,

if Steve was being sarcastic, I must have missed it.

I realized that you were right away.

I just have a SERIOUS ISSUE with watermelons (ya know, green on the outside, red on the inside) because they seem to violate all the rules concerning the scientific method when it comes to SAVING THE PLANET.

Global warming? Nature herself couldn't possibly be responsible for it.

Vanishing Species? Couldn't be Darwinism at work.

I'm blaming Isabel on Pat Robertson.

A caller to the Matt Drudge radio show on Sunday night inisted that the Bush adminstration was behind all the hype about the storm. The caller was pressed by Drudge to explain why she thought that. Her response was that the strom was being hyped in order increase retail sales, thereby improving the economy. Drudge hung up on her.

Bush wasn'table to figure out how to start the hurricane but he did direct it with mega bomb blasts off the ocean. He directed it toward the southeast because it's the blackest area of the country. He's hoping it will be his perfect storm!

"But I have yet to see anyone attribute Isabel to the secret underground cabal of fascists supported by George Bush. In fact, run by George Bush."

Come on now, we all know "Shrub" doesn't run ANYTHING. He's just a puppet of the zionist cabal of neoconservatives. And Halliburton. Can't forget Halliburton...[inaudible muttering]

I'm with Hondo - I thought good ol' Patty-boy was prayin' for Isabel not to hit land. What happened? JEE-zus not listenin' to Pat anymore?

The truth is here.


Funny this should come up ... here in lil' ol' Canada, a couple of us were theorizing that if the terrorists could figure out a way to manipulate the weather, they would......soooooooo .... what if Osama and his gang of extremeists ARE tampering with the weather ?????? Pretty scary if they were, 'cause that would be pretty hard to fight back unless OUR guys were onto the same science.

Now bear in mind that there is NO scientific evidence that we'v read that might conceivably support this wacko notion, but I'm saying, what if?

Certainly those guys hate all non muslims passionately and they would do whatever they could to utterly destroy all of us - U.S., Canada, the U.K. whatever ..... so better hope they haven't gotten hold of some really hot weather experts, just better hope not.

Never fear about us folk turning soft and sane, it aint gonna happen. ;-))))))


from the Great White Frozen North that is normally Canada