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a whole year of this?

I'm beginning to wonder what goes on in DJ's class during the day. In our nightly "what did you do in school today" discussion, he ended up asking me more questions than I asked him. To wit:

Did you know that Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar?
What do you think of Wesley Clark?
Do you know what a dictatorship is?
What do you think of Wesley Clark?
Could you explain to me about the 2000 election?
What do you think of Wesley Clark?

So, we talked about Clinton, Clark and dictatorships. And I told him, "When you go to school tomorrow tell your teacher that Wesley Clark is a war criminal."

I just like to shake things up a bit. I don't really mean anything by that. Just trying to get a handle on Mr. Teacher's political motivations.

I'm furious with the school again, anyhow. Remember DJ's bully from last year? Guess who's in DJ's class this year? Yes, the bully. And we are having problems again.

Time for a few phone calls.

UPDATE: Jonathan says I should tell DJ to tell his teacher that he doesn't trust Clark's instincts, seeing as that Clark almost started WWIII.


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Umm, how is Wesley Clark a war criminal?

(simple ignorant question, not baiting variety, I just don't know)

Actually, I was just baiting.

You know... You would think that the whole immigrant grandmother thing from last year would've humbled the little bastard.

Oh well. Here we go again ;-)

He should ask the teacher if "asshat" is a bad word when used in conjunction with Michael Moore or Al Franken.

Ask teach which brand of tinfoil works best.

I'm waiting for the inevitable:
Mom, did you know George Bush is just like Adolf Hitler?


Hey, Michael Moore's supporting Clark, so he can't be all bad. [/sarcasm}

You might not be surprised to learn that the Indymediots think that Wesley Clark really is a war criminal.

Shit, by Indymedia's standards, I'm a war criminal for having looked at a USMC recruitment poster the other day.

It seems so long ago ... when it wasn't. But don't forget that the Serbs made Baghdad Bob look sincere.

Not that I want to defend Wesley Clark, because I don't. In fact, I'm jealous because loading up the youngster with some juicy anti-Wesley bits is just the trick I'd pull.

But who can respect a Presidential candidate named after that annoying ensign they let play a helmsman on Star Trek?

I'm interested by the possibility that Michael Moore's support for this candidate might split the Left.

Man I am SO looking forward to re-experiencing school through my daughter when she gets there.

You are lucky, Michele. Although it's probably more due to your raising of DJ than luck, but his interest in school has to be exciting for you.

I can't recall exactly, but I don't recall ever talking about anything associated with current events in 5th grade. Least of all with any kind of "political analysis" attached to it. I would be interested to know where the teacher is headed with all this. Not surprising that they would be big fans of Rhode Scholar Clinton.

And to think that we missed out on all this by homeschooling our son. At least we had the fun which resulted when he got a part-time warehouse job at sixteen and turned the radio in the break room to Rush Limaugh's show.

This kind of thing is (one reason) why we are homeschooling our kids now.

When I was about 4 years old I lived in a tough neighborhood.

There was this one mean bully kid who always picked on me (he must have been at least 12 years old!).

One day he hit me or something that hurt and my lesbian aunt who was about 35 years old at the time approached him later that day, very friendly and she talked to him a little bit to get his guard down and after that she kicked his ass big time.

He was crying and she told him if he ever messed with me again she was going to mess him up.

Violence always works on bullies.

You should give him the same advice my mother gave me for dealing with bullies.

Kick him in the nuts. Repeat as necessary.

If the administration gives you any trouble, keep him home so that they won't ADA for him. Announce that you're going to contact the newspapers about the unsafe environment that is your son's school.
Get a lawyer to write them a letter about the possible legal shit the administrators are getting themselves into.

Your son is flesh of your flesh. Go to war.

Should be, "won't get ADA for him."

ADA= "Average daily attendance".

you people are idiots who don't know what your talking about, rather you believe everything you see on tv. I bet your still waiting for those weapond of mass destruction to shopw up aren't you??