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the night the lights went out on Tatooine

Looks like Izzy is going to skirt by us - I hope - but we still have gale warnings and we're inching towards a tropical storm warning.

We're prepared, all our outside stuff is tied down or put away and we've got enough batteries to power an entire fleet of these.

I'm almost hoping for the power to go out. See, we bough two mag lights which, more than just shine a spot of light in front of you, emit a beam of light clear across the room. When the power goes out, we'll cover the heads of the mag lights in colored plastic wrap, turn them on and have lightsaber fights. I figure if the beams are powerful enough to attract attention, we could set up some kind of neighborhood Rebel Alliance v. The Empire showdown, providing entertainment (and a money making venture, perhaps) during the long nights with no electricity.

I'll have to remember that idea during the next blackout.

Anyhow, that martini/onion soup/buffalo wing combo at lunchtime wasn't a very good idea. I'm going to lay down and watch the weather channel until it's an appropriate time to go to bed.

Good luck to all of you in Isabel's path. Stay safe. Don't play with downed power lines, ok?


But I thought electricity was our friend...Wait, I think I read that on the Indymedia site. It must have been a lie :-)

Be careful, Michelle- get feeling better and I hope she misses you guys.

Tequila sunrises go much better with onion soup and buffalo wings.

More importantly, motrin goes really well with martinis. Just remember to hydrate well, and re-dose after 4 hours to get the full benefit throughout the period of your recovery.

I want to hear more about your fleet of vibrators!