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it was as if it had hallmark© written on it

Laurence in a rare diversion from his usual snarkiness, decided that I could use some nice words hurled at me instead of insults. So he emailed:

You are a caramel-covered monkey swimming in a pool of strawberries
and cream under marshmallow clouds and a lemon-drop sun.

Best. Compliment. Ever.


Mmm... caramel....

Bejus! Do you really want ME to add to that?

You are the sweetest toejam I ever tasted. No baboon's butt ever came close to yours. I have NEVER tracked you all over the carpet from the bottom of my shoe. I think I love you, or something like that.

What was the topic?

"You are a caramel-covered monkey...Best. Compliment. Ever."

Unless you're Frank J.

Ooh, I don't know if I can slap a caramel-covered ass. Sounds messy.

Michele...umh...read my lips.

Hmmm...Very Homer-esque.....Must be why I love it....

Mmmmmm. Monkey....

Mmmmmmmm... baboon butt.

Monkey isn't a compliment where I come from, but I like the rest.

That's always been my picture of you, schnookums.