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I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when one of my bosses comes and says

What for?
The award.
What award?

He puts a yellow flyer in front of me, announcing our union's annual dinner dance. He points to my name under the heading The Medal For Merit.

I had no idea about this. Apparently, the medal is for doing TroopTrax. Thing is, no one from the union has come to let me know about this. The dinner-dance, which I had no intention of going to, is on Halloween evening. I've already promised Natalie she could have a few friends sleep over that night, so I have a ready-made excuse for not attending.

I wouldn't have gone to the dinner anyhow. First of all, I hate those things. Second, I hate being put under a spotlight.

I'd like to get this medal anyhow and make thousands of copies of it and give them away to every single person who spread the word, donated money, or sent CDs, magazines and other assorted goodies to my house or to Keith, who deserves a medal of his own, made of pure gold, for all he did.

So to anyone who particpated in Trooptrax in any way, shape or form - Congratulations! You have won a Medal of Merit. Wear it well.


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Medals, and other awards, are always best when they're not something you're competing for (an Oscar,etc.), but when you receive recognition for something you've done from the heart, for it's own worth. That's why they should be surprises. Congratulations to YOU, for your exhibited spirit and heart.

Congrats! Surprises are GREAT! :)

Congrats!! Didn't you receive something similar last year?

That's awesome -- and very well earned! Congrats!



Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved.... But what a sec, you're blowing off a free dinner?! You've just ruined your image in the eyes of Conservative Liberal, Geoff and Geoffrey!

On a more serious note, I remember when you came up with the idea of supporting the troops via music CDs. My first ever comment on your blog was, unfortunately, to pour cold water on the idea based on what I knew of what the RIAA was doing to Naval Academy midshipmen. A bunch of others agreed with my take on the potential problems. Fortunately, Michele was "bummed" for only a very short time and, with the help of others, came up with a new solution to the problem.

That's American "can do". That is the American spirit. That's the kind of people we are, helping out other Americans when we can; kind of like providing free lunches to those in need (especially to those who need it to get through a rough period... as unemployment and welfare payments should also be). That's the conservative Republican attitude I'm used to.... and I doubt that George Bush or Ronald Reagan would disagree with me.

And BTW, you "NO FREE LUNCH" people (see above for monikers), I hope that you "charity" folks have donated your own time and money like I have to helping underprivelged kids through tutoring, for example. Buying breakfast for the kids I initially helped was a no-brainer in my desire to win (e.g. "my" kids were going to pass the course I was tutoring them in). They couldn't concentrate because they were hungry!

I think you should take Natalie and friends to the dinner. How often does a teenager get to see her Mom being honored by the folks who know her?

Congrats, Michele.