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a funny thing happened.....

When I went to the Dairy Barn last night.

But I'll let Doctor Frank tell you about it.

Also in the great world of blogging, my beautiful friend David has some news to share:

Oh. My. God. In all the excitement, I almost completely forgot. The short story I did with Dr. B has hit the stands. And HOLY FUCK! There's a story by none other than Neil Gaiman himself in there, too!!

So, I said to David: I'm going to order it right now. And then I'm going to mail it to you and you are going to autograph that baby for me. And then someday I will meet you and make you put on pink lipstick and kiss the inside cover.

And I'm going to make him do that, I swear.

Speaking of the incredible Mr. Gaiman, I'm reading Good Omens for the umpteenth time. And it just occurred to me this time around that the character of Scarlett (a/k/a War) is Tanya.

Those who have read the book and know Tanya will know what I mean, and that it is a very large compliment.

UPDATE: Go congratulate Dr. Grosz, who won two very deserved Web Awards. Hurry, before his ego eats up his site!


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you know, i was so flattered when you emailed me, i almost posted it myself. huge compliment. huge. xo.

You know what this site needs? I'll tell you what this site needs. This site needs another poetry contest. My skills are fading, Michele. tapping foot

Thanks for the linkage, hot thing!

I will keep my promise.