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If anyone has been waiting for email from me from either my command post or ASV email address, please note that I just realized that the last two days worth of sent mail were never actually sent. Outlook frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

So I'm not ignoring you. I'm just sitting here cursing Outlook for making you think I'm ignoring you.

Just so you know, today was brought to you by the letter B. As in Beautiful but Brutal.


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You use Outlook? And I thought you were an intelligent person. I guess I was wrong.

Outlook is quite possibly the most vulnerable program ever written in the history of the internet. Trusting Outlook to protect you from malicious email is like trusting a 5 year old child to guard your house - the kid will let anyone in who asks nicely enough.

Get smart and use something else. Anything else. I highly recommend Pegasus. http://pmail.com

I've never had a problem with Mozilla's e-mail app. Mozilla even has a stand-alone mail app if you don't wish to download the entire browser package.

Yes, Cody is correct. It's called Thunderbird and it works fine. I use this stand alone mail program because it's not as vulnerable as Outlook is. It's free, it works, it's worth a try. I've also been using the google toolbar offered on google to block popup ads.

Wow, Rossz, that is possibly the rudest fucking thing I've seen someone say to a total stranger, well, today anyway. Deriding someone's intelligence over what software they use to download their mail...brilliant!

I fucking hate the Internet.

Sekimori, you beat me out in rudeness, hands down.

Highly unlikely, Sparky...I've read your crap.

Perhaps you read too much into what I wrote up there. The statement, "You use Outlook? And I thought you were an intelligent person. I guess I was wrong", was not meant to be taken seriously. The main point of my post was to suggest switching email clients would be a very good idea considering how easy it is to infect a system through it.

However, if Michele took it personally, I will publically apologize here.