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did someone say yoko ono naked?

Jules did.

The picture below is not recommended for people with heart problems, anxiety disorders or good taste. Not responsible for puking, trembling, hysterical fits of crying, brain seizures, sudden onset of depression, thoughts of suicide or the inability to ever get it up again.


Did you really think I was that cruel?

Hey, you're the one who looked.


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That picture is, what, 35 years old? Just "IMAGINE" what she looks like today???? Just poke my eyes with a sharp stick, please!

Ahhh! My eyes!!! The goggles, they do nothing!

aaaiiiiiyyyyyyyyy!! YOU MADE ME LOOK.

And it raises the eternal question: Who in their right mind would ever shoot John Lennon, when they had a clear shot at Yoko Ono?

And it's interesting that John's uncut wanger was trimmed away from the picture. :-)

Poor Yoko. So many of the rest of us know that we're art when we're naked and don't need to announce it to the world and hope it affirms. :)


Hey, Yoko is hot and don't fool yourself, she would do you like you've never been done before!

The first time I ever saw that I had nightmares.

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