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don't bother making any future plans

I don't know about you, but when I see the headline Yoko Ono To Recreate Naked Art Performance, all kinds of apocalypse scenarios come into my head. Surely, this must be the seventh sign.


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it wasn't exactly a welcome sight the first time around. it sounds more like a science project showing the effects of gravity over time.

Can I leave a ticket at the box office for Anna Lindh's assailant?

The Horror, the horror

I dont know whats sacrier, the images this bring up, or the hurricane image heading right for you.

I think I'd have to choose the hurricane!
Yoko is living proof that older does not necessarily mean wiser...

"It's in Revelations, people!"
-Kent Brockman

Revelations 177:3

"...and the shrieking hag shall remove her garments, and those who look upon her shall bleed from their eyes, those who hear her voice shall take their own lives, and the living shall envy the dead."

Oh my god.

I bet her pubic hair looks like the Brillo pad in a restaurant kitchen by now.

Oh please God, make it stop!

I have waited, breathless, without wavering in my hope and desire, for this day to come. Now take it off Yoko. Take it all off. Oh yeah.

That's just wrong. Why isn't George Clooney doing this?

Remember a few months ago when you had everyone making warning signs from that online sign creator, michele? Someone really needs to make a Naked Yoko warning. What's the link to that site?


Go wild.