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psa (another izzy post)

For those of you in the projected path of Isabel, don't wait to get prepared.

I just got back from Target, where I bought the last flashlight. They will be out of batteries before the end of the day. They were stocking up on Poland Spring water, but they are out of gallons already, I had to settle for a case of 16 oz. bottles. The lines are long, the cashiers are already grumpy and the hardware/camping department looks like, well, a hurricane hit it. Even the coolers and plastic ice packs were selling fast.

Home Depot has nothing. Not a flashlight, not a battery, not a generator.

Don't wait. Go now.

[And, according to this post, Scott is in a heap o' trouble]

I was thinking that this might all interfere with my plans for Talk Like A Pirate Day (Friday) but then I realized that it will only add to the pirate ambience. If the streets flood at all, I'm going to stick a pirate flag on the antenna of my car.

Arrrr, me hopes that Scotty has a lot of grog on hand, for he is going to end up like a bilge rat in the bunghole according to his map. Prepare to be boarded!


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I can't remember, but does the threat of a hurricane elicit the urge to buy milk and bleach like an oncoming snow storm does?

I remember working at ShopRite, and when there was even a threat of snow, bleach and milk would fly off the shelves like they were going to be holed up for month.

Don't you people have your emergency preparedness kits ready yet? If you did you wouldn't have to stand in line at the market fighting over the last slim jim. ;)

That is one scary picture.

You have to buy milk and bread. It's state law here in NC. Not sure why, just, everyone does it.

My wife is from NY. She thinks everyone around her has lost their mind.

Seriously though, I've got the emergency kit handy, been ready for about a week for this thing.....

What I bought for y2k were rechargable batteries and an inverter so that they could be recharged from a car cig lighter.

dammit, there better be diapers when i get to cvs, or i'll be beyond pissed off.

If I have to, I'll keep my baby in the tub.

Actually Meep, if there are no diapers you'll be pissed ON.

And Vienna Sausages. You have to buy, like, twenty cans of those.

No way, Kevin...

beenie weenies.

I went to Costco today, and they were out of water. Huge swath of open floor. No more Poland Spring, no more store brand, just one lonely pallet of Perrier (Go on, make your snide comments about French water. You know you want to.) A forklift brought out a pallet of the store brand, half-liter bottles, 35 to the case. That's roughly four gallons of water per case. People were grabbing three and four cases each.

OTOH, the 20-packs of batteries were well-stocked.

What about stocks of liquor? Forget the beer. If the power goes out, who will want to drink warm beer while Mother Nature bitch-slaps the coast?

The beauty about being a Construction Foreman is the amnount of preparation we're constantly at. I have 2 Generators, a invertor, piles of gas containers filled with gas, and plenty of drinks stocked up for hot days. I'm looking to get a few extra chainsaws and axes to go tree clearing instead of our normal work detail...

My best friend, who has lived here in VA for seventeen years, is laughing at me for going out and getting batteries today. She's pretty convinced the worst that will happen is a bit of flooding.

Wind Rider isn't worried, either. But the hurricane is looking to make an impact on LT Smash's vacation.

it makes perfect sense to me, I feel exactly the same, good post