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tales from the courthouse: raising a stink


Putting Encyclopedia Brown to shame, my boss has taken to calling the current decision on my desk The Case of the Pungent Provolone.

It contains therein the line: The defendant is putting the plaintiff’s provolone on trial.

You may commence with the one-liners. We've been at it all day.

[Thank you to my graphic genie Robyn for the picture]


Instead of studying case law books, the attorneys could just borrow a copy of "The Stinky Cheese Man"...

What a cheesy post.

Will the judge, in Solomon like fashion, cut the cheese?

In the book "A Civil Action" wasn't one of the defense attorneys named "Cheeseman?" Ok, I thought it was funny.

yeah, but if they roll the provolone, wouldn't it be a cheese-ball trial?

Hey! I've got that book!

I'm sure the case has to do with Nurse Bloomberg and the fact the cheese was smoked.

Did they move the cheese? (god, I hate that book..)

Swiss and the world swisses with you, but prov and you prov alone.

Being the gent that I am, I had to come up with a pun.