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be prepared

So perhaps I was a little flippant in my post last night about Hurricane Isabel. I should clarify that I like bad weather, not deadly weather.

Bad weather would mean rain and wind and leaves blowing all over the street and garbage cans ending up in your neighbor's yard; a fascinating greyish-brownish sky with clouds that look like assasins; perhaps a few small tree branches lying in the gutter, making for a nice photo-op the next day.

Deadly weather, I could live without. Isabel appears to be deadly. As of now, she is marching across the Atlantic and up the east coast and it looks like Jersey may be in trouble. Isabel, being the womanly sort that she is, could very well change her mind at the last minute and pound Long Island or even Virginia. Most likely we won't know for sure until toward the end of the week.

I'm not taking any chances and by that I mean not taking chances with the hordes of people who cram into supermarkets at the last minute before hurricanes and snowstorms, all fighting over the last half gallon of Lactaid milk. I'll get out there early, go food shopping today and avoid the local news people standing in front of Waldbaum's with their hair blowing in the wind and yelling at people "SIR, WHAT DID YOU BUY TODAY?" And the guy yells back to be heard over the howling wind "WHAT? AM I GOING TO DIE TODAY? YOU SICK BASTARD!"

They really do that, you know. I mean, stand in front of supermarkets to get the latest on what kind of snacks and staples people are stocking up on because, you know, that's big news. [A lesson to anyone attempting to interview me: remember what happened to the last guy who did this]

So anyhow, I made my list of necessities for the week. Cereal, milk, vodka, beer, ice cream, coffee and cigarettes. We've got plenty of canned goods and if worse comes to worse the kids can live on that 400 piece container of Twizzlers I bought at BJs last week. I just knew they would come in handy!

All smirking aside, it is very important to make sure you have batteries, etc. on hand in the event that a hurricane is coming. The deadliest hurricanes in history took a lot of lives because in those days, there was very little time to be prepared. Now, with radar tracking and Costco stores on every corner, you have a good enough head start on Isabel to be ready if and when she does hit.

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One more thing: if you take daily meds, get a refill ASAP.

I'm a weather freak too. Storm chasing is fun! (always assuming no one dies of course)

I went through one hurricane as a middle-schooler (Alicia, Houston, 1983). I think it was a category 3, and godDAMN it wasn't fun.

Honestly, if it's coming ashore on the Upper Atlantic Coast as a Category 4, and you're anywhere NEAR the coast, my suggestions for preparation are: put plywood over the windows and drive as far west as you can in one day, and stay in a hotel or with family/friends. Come back 2 days later.

In the alternative, get ready for power outage redux.

I also love storms, tornados, and earthquakes.

We had just moved to Houston from Boise when Hurricane Alicia hit. We were in the process of buying a home and still living in a 2nd floor apartment. To see it rain horizontally, saplings fly through the air and the parking lot fill up with close to 3 feet of water, well....YES, it was thrilling!!

The whole time we lived down there, about 10 years, I never saw a tornado but several had occurred in other parts of Harris and surrounding counties. It wasn't until we finally left TX to move back up to the GPNW that a big one cut a swath through our old neighborhood and blew out the garage doors and took off part of the roof of our former house. Dang, missed it!!

Since living up here, we've experienced about three small earthquakes. More, please!!

I know, I know...I sound like a crazy person, and I'm sure that if we had been physically hurt or had real property damage I most likely would change my tune. It's just that these are forces of Nature that humans can't control, yet anyway, and that is what I find "exciting" -- if that's the right emotion.

Michele, forget the twizzlers. The kids sold them at the lemonade stand for 25 cents each on Friday.

I guess that's where all the juice boxes went, too...

They never do those stupid stories in Manhattan because with a supermarket or Korean deli on every corner, we never stock up on anything. During that bigass blizzard a few years back my brother and I were out drinking all night, stumbled home, and out to lunch the next day.

Plus we always have delivery. My dad has that whole "go out and stock up" thing going on and every storm I have to remind him that the delivery guys will strap on skis to make a few bucks.


Isabel appears to be headed for me, Michele.

Damn. And I just cancelled my tenant renters' insurance.

I'm a big fan of storms, too, when they give you an excuse to live by candlelight and without communicating with people for a day. But then, the typhoon that hit South Korea a few days ago left around 100 people dead or missing, and there are cranes and boats on the news twisted up like gigantic discarded candy wrappers. (I think there was one just as bad last year--the Korean Peninsula is perfectly positioned for taking it on the chin when storms move up from SE Asia.) Hope everyone on the eastern seaboard stays safe.

ahhh yes. Hurricane season.

Back in (I think) 1996, we went through two in six weeks. Bertha and Fran. Lost power the first time for 6 days...the second, only four.

While it's kind of exciting to watch while it's going on..the aftermath sucks like a hoover.

No air conditioning during the summer in North Carolina? I'm not going to hell when I die..I've been there.