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they were a parody to begin with



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snicker This is the only thing to date that makes me feel a twinge of regret that I quit celeb blogging. Oh wait. No I don't.

oh my heart is broken... i bet it's a scam...

Who gets custody to Jersey Girl?

What's the minimum number you need to reserve a timeslot in a church basement? Coz Ben, Puffy & the two Mr. Lopezes (at a minimum) have the makings of a dandy support group.

"Hi, I'm Ben, I committed career hari-kari by appearing with my fiancee in a romantic comedy that was neither romantic nor comedic..."

"Yo. Sean. Cut a overwrought syrupy come-back-to-me rap for the beeyotch. Haven't had a real hit since."

"YOU try getting work as a choreographer when you're a former Mr. Lo!"

"Never. Never. Never. Let that woman near your tip jar."

::babble of overlapping male voices chimes in with more JL plaints::

I wonder if Jen has to give the gem studded toilet seat back now. snicker