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nominations open for....

The Rock and Roll Hall of Hell.


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» Jocks being manly again from Dodgeblogium
Its refered to as hazing by some, but in fact, its just rape and abuse. Funny that the jocks who responded to my piece on sports callled me a poof. Does the expression "repressed" not ring a bell? This sort... [Read More]


So Kurt Cobain arrives in the afterlife. Up comes Jimi Hendrix to welcome him. "Hey man, come join our jam..."

As Cobain walks with him he sees Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley and Keith Moon. He erupts with joy: "This is awesome! I always dreamed of jamming with you guys! This is heaven!"

Jimi picks up his guitar and says, "Well, yes and no."

Then Karen Carpenter shouts: "All right! 'Close to You,' from the top!"