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four nice things about the red sox

Here are your payback links.

And now, for something nice about the Red Sox, which I am being forced to write by virtue of the Yanks getting blown out two games out of three last weekend.

I've missed four days due to being busy with other things, so now I must make up for it. This is making me ill, I want you to know.

Nice thing 1:


Yaz is a Long Island boy, so I always give it up for him.

Nice thing 2:

Red Sox fans are not as nasty as their Bruin counterparts, who once tried to beat me up outside of Boston Garden.

Nice thing 3:

They are not the Mets. Specifically, they are not the 86 Mets, my most hated team of all time in any sport, ever.

Nice thing 4:

They are not in first place.

That's a nice thing to me. You didn't say it had to fit in with your idea of nice.

And yes, I am still working on finding a piece of Red Sox paraphanelia that I can wear in a photo, which will be suitable for framing and/or humiliation.

Twelve is a magic number.


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I bet you're going to look so cute in red sox gear.

You're going to kick my ass for saying that aren't you?

Cute? Cute?! Baaaahahahahahahahaha!

Michele, hope you have HBO so you can tune into the documentary on Red Sox fans that premieres Tuesday night.

As one Yankee fan said after seeing it, "Jesus, now I know what it truly means to be a Sox fan. We might have the championships but we can't touch your fan base."

There is nothing quite like Red Sox Nation.

BTW I'm in the HBO movie :)

Okay, I have refrained from mentioning baseball AT ALL this summer, knowing how you love your Yankees. I, as you might guess, am a huge, huge, huge Braves fan (ducking!). But your Mets comment brought me out of the closet.

The Yankees? I can abide 'em. I even root for the Yankees if they're not playing the Braves. I have a NYY baseball cap that is one of my prized possessions and I wear it EVERYWHERE.

But the Mets? The Mets are truly evil. A scourge on the league. Can't stand 'em! I root for whoever is playing the Mets, every time. The only guy who ever tried to forcibly "go too far" with me on a date was a Mets fan - and what a guido he was. Little Mets pendant hanging off his gold chain around his neck...nasty. But it came in handy when, erm, dicouraging his passion. Mets logos can be pointy, and can cause significant skin-rippage.

UGH. My house is, and will always be, a Mets-free zone.