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who are you, martin sheen?

To the person who sent me this as an annoy.com postcard from one Martin Sheen:

Was it your intention that I should want to run to the medicine cabinet and down an entire handful of Rolaids after reading that?

I washed them down with Kool-Aid. I feel better now.

But not good enough to fisk that baby yet. Maybe tomorrow. But thanks.


Really... did you HAVE to post the link to it and make it possible that someone else would click on it and watch it? What kind of sick sense of humor is that... :)

Oh gah! I cannot read it. He starts off complaining about Bush's Education Budget cuts. What planet is he on? Bush has raised education spending to record level when essentially rubber stamped Ted Kennedy's Education bill. I could not read beyond that tonight; I am too tired. And he is clearly a parrot from indymedia or some other dimension where anything you say is completely accepted as complete truth because, well look, it is written in black and white and it is on the internet. It must be true!

Why do these morons never realize that in order to win an argument you have to be able to point to facts and figures but you cannot make them up. The fact have to come from reputable sources. But no, he makes his facts up. Of course his arguments sound so much grander when you make up big scary stories.

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