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thank you

Night has fallen, the day is nearly over. But that day is not over. It will never be over.

Thank you to Lesley, Daria and Jann for all their help with the Voices project.

Thanks to Cam Edwards for having me on his radio show this morning to talk about Voices.

Thank you to everyone who linked and everyone who stopped by to read the stories.

Thank you especially to everyone who contributed a story. I still have more stories to add, the emails keep coming. I know how hard it was for some of you to get those words down and I hoped it help a little to release some of that emotion. The stories were heartbreaking and hopeful, painful and poetic.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with rest of us.

As for me, I am emotionally exhausted but doing ok. I'm ready to think and write of other things. That's not to say I am moving on or letting go - never. It will just be another year before I pour so much of myself and that day into words. It makes my heart ache too much.

Thank you.


No, Michele, THANK YOU!!! Through the links you posted I spent the better part of the morning into the afternoon reading every personal story and commentary I could find.

The tears flowed at various time throughout the day and sitting at one meeting in mid morning seemed out of place on a day of this magnitude.

My heart aches for all those who lost friends, fathers, sisters, brothers and uncles. May tomorrow bring yet another beginning and the dawn of a better day.

I agree with Sherard, that YOU Michele for all of your hard work and for giving us a forum for our grief.

that should be "thank YOU"--oops


I echo what Sherard said, thank YOU. You have given us a wonderful place to express all of these feelings and it is most appreciated.

I agree. I don't know how you've been able to do ALL of this. Amazing.

They're right, you know. We all should be thanking you. We all have. We all will continue to do so.

Michele, you done an amazingly eloquent job of helping us remember all the things that this day means.

Now go get some rest, and let the weight of the world slip off your shoulders for just a little while...

Lay down and sleep, good soldier.

You have more than earned your rest.


thank you
i hope you made your way today
and will feel lighter and stronger tomorrow

It's too easy to ignore the grief, and never deal with it. Some people deny that there's anything to grieve over.

I still haven't looked at Voices. I can't. 2 years later it's still too intense. My imagination conjures up thousands of scenarios, each more terrible, more uplifting, and more angering than the last.

I also know that they all pale compared to reality. I can't comprehend the scale, and if my imagination is enough to bring me to tears, then reality would surely be more than I can bear.

I know there'll be a day when I can look at those stories, those histories, and let it all wash over me. I don't know exactly when, but I suspect it will be the day when people have to look Terrorism up in a dictionary to know what it is, and not look out at the New York skyline.

Thank you for letting us remember. Thank you for letting the voices be heard.

I wanted to contribute, but I couldn't put to words what I felt that day.

The gut-punched, sick feeling, or the supreme happiness that my friend Matt who lived several blocks away saw the towers fall, but was OK in the end.

Finding one perosn couldnt have been sweeter.

Thank you Michele.

Michelle your Voices site really touched me. I spent all day yesterday reading the site and links.

Thanks Michele, heard you on Cam.