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two years later


FDNY: On September 11th, Our World Stops

New York City Bravest Scholarship Fund

FDNY Tribute




The Falling Man

Jeff Jarvis was at the WTC ceremony today. His post about the children made me cry.

I'll be adding to this post as the day goes, linking to others who are remembering the day as well. If you have written about it, please leave a link in the comments.

[Update: Please check the comments for more links - I will be leaving the house for a while and won't be able to move the links from the comments to this post for a while. Thank you, everyone]


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Resurrection Song

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Frank Digiorgio


Stephen Green

Remember The Blood of Heroes



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I'm sorry.


My overlong piece, which I cannot really recommend reading in its entirety, is here.

my piece is here: http://www.sugarwhitesand.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-tb.cgi/44

I'm still angry.

I just edited what I left in your comments back on August 30, but mine is here

Schedule of Events for 9/11 http://nyc.gov/html/fdny/html/events/091103_events.shtml

I posted this poem on my blog, along with the lyrics to the "Silent Night 9/11" song...but I wanted to post the poem here as well. The first time I read it, I was just...speechless. So I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but my heart is in the right place. :)

"Last Call" by Dave Timmons

As smoke and heat dimished from the mangled steel and glass,
The hope of the rescue workers faded in and out so fast.
These heros of our nation working tireless to find
A sound, a breath, some proof of life, to keep that hope alive.

The victims were so innocent, just doing their life's work,
In a nation called America, the most free on this earth.
Suddenly, a worker finds a cellphone flashing red.
He plays the "last call" message, and this is what it said:

"Hello, it's me. I'm calling to tell you I'm all right.
I've made it up to heaven; I tried to call last night.
The group that I arrived with is strong and brave and tall,
And proud to be Americans while answering God's call."

"I love you all and know I've been in all your thoughts and prayers.
You need to know I felt no pain and safely made it here.
Now let me a say a prayer for you of closure and of life,
Move on with courage and with faith that we will reunite."

"I know it's sad; I'll age no more, but in this you can trust:
My dreams were put back on the Earth in particles of dust.
That dust is in the air you breathe; I've passed it on to you.
So please breathe deeply every day and make my dreams come true."


I've had more than one September 11th. But the one in 2001 had the most impact.

http://www.jaynedarcy.us/blog/archives/000196.html -- this is my little memory.

It's going to be the top post all day long.

Michele, I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you've put into this. You personally shamed me into finally sitting down and putting virtual pen to paper.

My disjointed ramblings are at http://overtaken.blogmosis.com/archives/015763.html

Very few words on my site, but photos. I took a photo last night at Exchange Place in Jersey City of the blue tribute lights at the WTC site. That leads off my post.


Mine will post at 08:46
Sea Doc.net

The main page on my site has been replaced for today.


We need to remember...I am pissed that the media will likely dedicate more time today speculating over the impending ben/jen union than mourning the victims and heroes of 9/11, or talking to their families.

It makes me sick, frankly. We need to remember. It is all too easy to forget. We do so at our peril.

My post will be the only one up on my site today.

My 9/11 story is in the Voices page, today's story is here.

Here's mine:

My writing about 9-11-01 can be found here.

Thank you, Michele, for Voices.

My piece, "This Is Just The Beginning" is here:


Thanks Michele

I've been doing the same as you in this post. (I have Voices linked in another post, so don't think I forgot that!)

Thanks, Michele, for Voices -- it is a poignant and, sometimes-difficult-to-read reminder of The Day the World Changed.

I am curious, though, that nobody has commented on pictures like this:

Signs saying things like "Thank God for Sept 11" and "Fags FDNY"??

I would love to hear some of your comments on that.

My own small contribution, nothing like what you have, is here along with the one below it.

You guys have to see this; http://www.americanprowler.org/article.asp?art_id=2003_9_11_10_45_24

From Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson (Didn't his wife die as her Jet slammed into the Pentagon?)

Here's mine, for what it's worth.


The sky was falling and streaked with blood
I heard you calling me,
then you disappeared into dust
Up the stairs, into the fire

I need your kiss, but love and duty
called you someplace higher
Somewhere up the stairs, into the fire

May your strength give us strength
May your faith give us faith
May your hope give us hope
May your love give us love


Er, my link should be:

this. Sorry.

Thanks Michele, for all your hard work. Reading your Voices page has been a big part of my day today...

my post is here

I'm sorry...I hit post instead of preview before I checked my link...it's here

It's a good thing you're doing, Michele.
Whether one was impacted by the attack directly or not, it was an attack on all of us.
Life does go on, but we must also never forget.

Thank you, Michele. thank you so much for the Voices project.

It is hard to be relentless, to keep going, to keep turning your eye toward the event ... when all you want to do is try to forget, and close your eyes. But we must not forget. By not forgetting, and by turning our eyes not away but towards, we honor the fallen.

You teach me that. Every day.

Thank you again.

thank you michele.
thank you very much.

Here's another put together by some familiar names (Jay in his pre-Daily Rant days - Jane contributed also) along with others back in our PIC forum days. If you don't have time to read the entries now, at least watch Jay's opening flash movie and bt's closing flash movie....Post41

May I add:



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