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scavenger hunt

I know I can blame myself for being grumpy because I keep searching the garbage dumps of the internet and I never fail to find something to aggravate me. It's like a game show. Today On Indymedia!

We have this:

asshat23.jpg.jpe9/11 Personal Protest Action
Print out the image onto a sheet of paper or use as a graphic in a label or sticker formatting program. Tape or stick the paper or sticker everywhere tomorrow. Display on the back of your car. Stick it on your shirt. Stick it everywhere you can.

Need I explain what will happen if I see anyone pasting this sticker anywhere near me tomorrow?

Wear on it your own clothes, stick it on your own car, I don't care. I may spit in your soda while you're not looking or maybe accidently trip you so you fall face first into a pile of dog shit, but hey, all's fair in protest and war, right?

I would really like to see a whole bunch of these morons slap the stickers on their shirts and jackets and pants and walk on down the memorial service at the Word Trade Center site tomorrow. And I'd like to have a camera handy. And maybe a tire iron.

I really need to calm down today.


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I'm not gonna be calm

I don't want to be

I want all the emotion to come flooding out

All the tears, sadness, loss, pain, hate and anger

I want to feel it

Luckily the IndyMedia folks don't have a big crowd out here in Oklahoma, although I'm sure there are a few people who'll put that piece of garbage in their window.

I might have to stop to buy some eggs on my way in to work... just to have as ammo.

Not much to choose from between an asshole that would wear that sticker and a member of al qaeda

Keep in mind that I live in that well known left-wing hotbed known as West Texas (tongue firmly in cheek), so I was a bit shocked to hear an anti-redistricting commercial featuring a very Texas-sounding voice railing in a good old boy, down home drawl against Governor Perry's call for a third special session. Sitting there in the coffee shop this morning, I looked around to see that I wasn't the only one that was distressed. One grizzled old-boy in a gimme-hat spat his plug square in the middle of his biscuits & gravy to avoid swallowing it. Their reaction turned to puzzlement when the ad ended with "Brought to you by MoveOn.Org".

"Move on dot who? asked a slightly hard of hearing retired heavy equipment operator from north of town.

"He said dot org," replied another diner. "Is that sumpthin like Viagra?"

All those good old boys know about Viagra, but not a damned one knew about MoveOn. Slipping poll numbers or no - democrats are doomed in West Texas.

All of which reminds me of the story of the new fall Reality series called "Survivor Texas Style".

The contestants will start in Dallas, travel to Waco, Austin, San
Antonio, over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then
proceed up to Del Rio, on to El Paso, then to Midland, Odessa,
Lubbock, and Amarillo. From there, they'll proceed to Abilene, Ft
Worth, and finally back to Dallas. Each will be driving pink Volvos
with bumper stickers that read: "I'm gay.... I love the Dixie Chicks.... I'm a vegetarian.... I voted for Al Gore,... George Strait Sucks.... Hillary in 2004! and I'm here to confiscate your guns!"

The first one that makes it back to Dallas, alive, wins.

holy shit, that's great. i wanna see how long it takes for folks who actually display that logo to get the crap beat out of them.

these idiots will breed themselves out or get themselves killed and we won't have to worry about them anymore.

michele: when i click on 'the rest of the story', the right column overlaps the post and i can't read it all. and after clicking 'close the book' the post column is all skinny. oh, yeah, and i'm using mozilla :)

See my comment under the previous post.

I am now laughing like a hyena, just anticipating.

Fuck Bush? Is that a slam on the administration or a directive on the correct method for sexually conceiving a child? I'm so confused. What does an upside down flag have to do with male and female copulation?

Not that this'll make you feel any better, Riverside Church in Manhattan is showing conspiracy films and having Cynthia McKinney speak tomorrow night.

Maybe you can swing by and throw eggs.

I'll simply remind them that there are 3,000 less people able to display such drivel, courtesy of people with similar mindsets two years ago.

Of course, they think Bush is responsible for that, too. You can't argue with people who accept ignorance as a legitimate point of view.

right wing texan,
you forgot to add to that contest,
a huge PETA , hunting is murder, greenpeace, giant peace symbol and a recall bush bumber sticker.
wait, i think i saw that volvo in austin. the paint was peeling off and it was spewing exhaust fumes out of the tail pipe.

damn, sorry about not taking credit for that last post... need to preview every now and then.

You can't get upset everytime someone on Indymedia says something idiotic, because that's a bottomless well. As far as stickers go, I put a US flag sticker in my window after September 11 (those little flags attached to windows get ripped to shreds). I put it there because as a non-American, I wanted to show support for a country with the best freedom of speech on the planet. The Indymedia goon is trying to say he hates Bush, but somehow cross those who dislike Bush hating with hating America. Ridiculous. The best thing you can do for this tripe is to perhaps give it occasional attention to show lead paint poisoning of the brain at work, but it's not worth getting angry.

How is swinging by a Church to egg people who have a theory on 9/11 any better than wearing an upside down flag/fuck Bush sticker? It's an opinion. I think Bush is an idiot, but I also think it's in bad taste to do something so tacky on a national day of mourning. They don't. Bad taste shouldn't bring out such hatred and anger, it should just make you more inclined to wear a "proud to be an American" or whatever sticker. I plan on spending tomorrow peacefully at home, reading the obligatory memorial piece and probably consoling my friends who still live in NY and dealt first hand with 9/11, but if I wore a Fuck Bush shirt while doing this I don't think they'd value my friendship any less. Opinions.

PS: Have any of you actually clicked on the image to enlarge it enough for printing? Someone at Indymedia needs some Photoshop help badly, that thing is a pixelated nightmare.


I posted your reaction on my blog site (with full props to you, of course) with my reaction...I will give it here as well.

Just remember to hand me the tire iron so you can take a break.

When will they hit bottom?

... I keep searching the garbage dumps of the internet ...

Did it ever occur to you to stay out of the garbage dumps?

Indymedia is not worth the effort you expend on them.

Did you see the signs at the Harvey Milk protest?


(top photo is the one I'm talking about)

It started last week. The inability to concentrate. The restless sleep needing Tylonol PM to quell. The bubbling anger all the time. Actually it didn't start last week, it just started to flare up. As we near the second anniversary of the murders of September 11, 2001, I feel it more and more.

There was absolutely nothing that I could have done. 400 miles away, with local responsibilities and family to take care of. Too old to enlist and much too lame to fight. Hitchens joins the "Get over it" crowd with his latest column. Won't link to that drivel.

I don't want to get over it. I want to let it out, to feel it, to know how righteous anger feels.

I sometimes feel like an Old Testement prophet, a Jerimiah, raling at the loony left and those who would surrender.

I won't. It's them or me and mine. I choose me and mine. All I can do is write, so write I will.

And EMT, so EMT I will. Stopped to help last night at a call, Eight calls in two weeks, a record for me personally. I'm never that busy, yet now I am.

I'm not going to keep trying this hard so some towelhead can turn it all into dust. It's us or them, and the Carthage solution is the only one.

Any argument you might have made is now moot. Towelhead? Sheesh.

They have opinions. Hitler had opinions. One should not critize opinions.

Give it up SCOTT. This is more than a clash of differing opinions, and for you to frame it that way is moronic.

Scott said:

I plan on spending tomorrow peacefully at home, reading the obligatory memorial piece and probably consoling my friends who still live in NY and dealt first hand with 9/11, but if I wore a Fuck Bush shirt while doing this I don't think they'd value my friendship any less. Opinions.

Scott, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt in your choice of words in describing your likely reading of an "obligatory" memorial. Doesn't sound real genuine.

But if you think your friends in NY would be indifferent to your wearing a Fuck Bush shirt while endeavoring to the "obligatory" consoling of their sadness, you are off your rocker.

Here's my suggestion: Do it. And let's see how it turns out.

So "towelhead" is too insensitive a word to use for murdering fucknozzles who turn airliners into cruise missiles and use them on office buildings, Scott?

Well here's real "insensitive" for you, then: Nothing would please me more than to stand over one of those kaffiyeh'ed raghead monsters, watching him piss his pants and beg for mercy while I slowly drive the bayonet at the end of my rifle into his living guts. Then, when the towelhead reaches up to grab my rifle and push it out of the bloody mess I've made of his abdomen, tears streaming down his face and blood choking his pleas, I'll twist the bayonet and squeeze the trigger.

I'll then stick a side of bacon into the hole in his gut, piss on his face and walk away while he bleeds to death, calling on his Moon God.

That insensitive enough for ya?

I knew there was a reason I read Misha's blog. Right on!!!

If you need me to buy the ammo, just say so...

The Carthage solution? I like it. But our society is far too immature to conduct a Punic War without bursting into laughter.

And Fuck Bush is too funny. No sense of irony.

"Stick it everywhere you can."

I hope they all start with their assholes.

I meant the egg-throwing as a joke.

Sadly, Scott's friends in New York would probably think it a clever idea indeed to wear a Fuck Bush t-shirt on 9/11 or any other day.

I live here, too, and I'm surrounded by folks who consider such a sentiment the height of humor AND the epitome of wit.

Like I said in the previous post, Cynthia McKinney and her forces will be at a church tomorrow, remembering the event by BLAMING Bush and the Jews for purposely conducting the terrorist attacks.

An upside down flag means,ship in distress.In what context that is supposed to be taken by indymedia,I have no idea.

Should we modify the expression if they shave that area?

Wow, last time I make a post here. Anyone who replied to me here is the exact opposite of an Indymedia poster, and no, that's not a good thing. Bye Michele, I'll remain a lurker and let the "we have our opinion and yours is wrong" crowd run amok. Ta ta.

What a bunch of two flushers, freaking bobbing bowlfloaters. When I am on post tomorrow, I will be professional. When I get off post, I will gladly test out my pepper spray on any American hating parasite who pulls my chain. Where in the hell do these douchebags come off "claiming" this day for their useless selves.

Hail Emperor Misha I !!!
The only thing I can add is that if I see anybody here in Oklahoma wearing one of those 'stickers'. Well it would not be the first time I've spent the night in jail and I know how to get the blood out of my '72 virgins dating service' t-shirt. Although I would not want to get all of it out...

This little story (http://www.andrewiandodge.com/archives/000445.html) probably gives the Indymedia types a stiffy. No doubt they are busy downloading the song as I write this.

SCOTT: Glad to hear we're rid of you. I hope the rest of your high school career is as enlightening for you as this first year is.

Emporer Misha: insufficiently insensitive.

I prefer the traditional English method (alas, no longer practised):


(The last part was sometimes achieved using four horses.)