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same song, different venue

Hamas warns that it will start targeting homes in Israel

In a warning of reprisal, Hamas says it will begin targeting Israel houses in response to an Israeli air force attack on the home of a senior Hamas leader on Wednesday -- the day after Hamas suicide bombings killed 15 Israelis.

They still don't get and neither do their supporters. Israel targets the homes of known terrorists. They are rooting out terrorism. They are taking down the people who are responsible for sending the suicide bombers out to the cafes and bus stops.

What difference does this make anyhow? Is this some kind of denial that they were ever targeting innocents, like announcing that they will now drop bombs on private homes is somehow different from the way they have been going about the task of wiping out Israelis? These people are delusional.

There is a black cloud over Israel right now. Bad things are going to happen. Terrorists need to die. Soon.


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Of course they don't get it - it's a classic case of "do as I say not as I do." The Palestinian terrorists and their organizers (including their 'political' wings) see any and all Israelis living in the 'occupied territories' - and Israel proper for that matter - as parts of the occupying force, whereas they see all of their own members as innocent victims. They refuse to acknowledge any moral disparity between their targeting of Israeli civilians and Israel's targeting of Palestinian terrorists, and are shocked that Israel would actually target their criminal leadership.

The average Palestinian may be delusional (if they think terrorism will engender any sympathy to their cause), but Hamas and all the other terrorists groups are much worse. They are the Mafia or drug cartels of the Middle East, sowing fear and hatred for their own selfish ends. Witness the widespread assassinations of their own citizens as 'Israeli collaborators' and rampant graft and corruption in the PA. These people are not delusional - they're evil.

You could see all out war there in less than a year.

"Soon," yes. And by the dozens, scores, hundreds.

I agree, Michele. I see the IDF releasing their FURY upon the PLO, Arafat, and the PA in the very near future.

And frankly I don't blame them, nor would I have any sympathy for the people in the West Bank or Gaza, least of all terrorists and their supporters.

Was that redundant, or is it just me ?

Last time Arafat faced an all out war was in Jordan when he attempted to overthrow the government. Jordanian Army's response was to shell EVERY SINGLE town that flies PLO flag back to stone age. The current PLO/PA/Hamas have no viable military response to IDF should it decided to response in kind.

One problem with this - the Israeli definition of "terrorist" is as vague as the British definition in Occupied Ireland. So, they end up going after anyone looking to get their own homeland instead of submitting to the current group of nutcases who leading the Israelis into a stupid war.

Yeah, Joseph, "anyone out to get their own homeland". Which obviously describes Hamas, right? Nevermind that "destroy Israel" thing, or that their "homeland", in their mind, encompasses ... er... all of Israel? And Jews aren't welcome there, except perhaps as slaves or at best dhimmi?

Right. That's what I thought.

On the upside, this new attempt to attack houses might actually save lives - I imagine the density of people one guy with a boom-belt can hit is significantly lower at a house than in a bus or at a pizza parlor, etc. The psychological effects may be troubling, however.

They're going to try to assassinated Israel members of the Knesset. That's what they really mean.

Hamas may go for some poor person's house in a West Bank or Gaza settlement, but let's face it: How is that any different than what they did before?

How is announcing that they're going to try to take down Israeli skyscrapers any different from having several attempts foiled?

Same old, same old.

The security fence: Faster, please.

Big deal. They have been targetting private homes and killing Israeli children in their beds for years. Why would they start announcing it now?

But... but... Dean said we shouldn't take sides!

Have some of this tasty kool-aid.

Rachel, Dean probably thinks we shouldn't have taken sides after Pearl Harbor. BTW, your voice sounds a little flat today, you feeling under the weather (or something)?