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where did the girl go?

Time for a new background. Too many people thought that girl was me and I did not want to be responsible for the disillusionment you would suffer if and when you ever met me.


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Where can I meet her?

as usual you are too modest,you babe you.


She was sweet, and thank god I saved that picture yesterday.

Of course, that's not why we visit your site! ;0)

Hey, what's wrong with a little fantasy ?!

I didn't think it was anybody in particular, but she was distracting when I was reading posts ;-)

Having figured out earlier that Lenore wasn't you, I didn't have this problem.

How about the towers? At least for a week or so.

honey i have seen pictures of you

and you are way hotter

Reading blogs all day has wormed it's way into my dreams. So the other night I did have a dream where I met you and you looked nothing like the woman in the background. I also had a dream about Choire Sicha(who's doing Gawker this week) where I was trying to figure out how to pronounce his name. I am not looking forward to my blogging nightmare(literally).

For the longest time I referred to Choire as "Choir" until I realized I should be calling him "Corey."

But I still think of him as "Choir." It just fits him.

NOOOO! Bring her back, bring her back! Of course, a pic of your lovely bad self would be just fine too, you know....

The girl did provide a spunkily cheerful ambiance. Plain blue is sort of a drag by comparison. Since identity confusion was an issue, the obvious solution would be to give us a shot of the real deal. We already have testimonials negating the disapointment factor you raised...

You looked like that when you came to the office party last week. snicker

So just put a pic up of you in that spot. I suggested that in the first place....

Oh buh. I could tell it wasn't you, because she wasn't pretty enough.

Damn, Michele. One less fantasy for me.

I'm with Mike -- but if you bring her back, animate her. So her bottom wiggles.

Or I like John's idea, a picture of you.


So ... you get the idea.

Damn that Ed.

I'm with McGehee on this one, all the way. :D

BTW, who the heck was it?

Oh, that girl. I thought you were referring to the Little Dead Girl. She was nice, I guess, but there's just no substitute for Lenore. BTW, any chance of seeing the "I'll swallow your soul" tagline again soon?

walks away disillusioned