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Cox and Forkum on the Pentagon.

Pentagon victims

Flight 77 victims


I'm not sure if I should say this here or save it - feels a wee bit odd but the Pentagon reminded me that I should give it a go at least. An aunt used to serve at the Pentagon - she had friends there on September 11th. They were thankfully uninjured.

But it reminds me that it's time to have this all examined again. It isn't pleasant, it isn't meant to be and it never will be. The urging of some to "get over it" is almost like a desperate whine from an unsettled child.

I live in California. Thousands of miles from New York. I've never been to New York. I may have flown over it once but other than that our paths have never crossed. 9/11 still hurts. I didn't lose anybody on any of those planes, at the Pentagon, or at the World Trade Center. And it still hurts. On that day they attacked America - they attacked me and everybody I love and everything I love.

It's a wound. One that festers all year long. And when we get closer to the date we were injured it starts to hurt again all the more. Ignoring it, trying to "get over it", just leaves it buried. Leaves it to fester into something ugly. So once a year, the wound comes out, we check it over, see if it's healing, and we scrub it, clean it out. And it hurts. Maybe it hurts less this year, maybe it's less raw. Then again, maybe it's not. Maybe it's still a nasty, deep gash that we despair of ever getting rid of. But at least we acknowledge it's there, at least we can acknowledge that we are hurt, and that healing takes time and that yes we'll have one hell of a scar. Better than leaving it to rot us.

I appreciate all you've done to help us remember, Michele. It hurts like hell. But I don't want to hold this locked away in some dark place inside, pretending it doesn't exist. I think that would turn me quite as ugly as the people who hurt us.


i tried to use trackback to link this to something on my blog but i guess i'll never figure this trackback thing out, cos it didn't work. Anyway, i did link to it and thanks.