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life, archived

september 10, 2001:

That morning I went on a rant about Mondays and rude people and all the little things that were aggravating me. We didn't know what would come just 24 hours later. I still lived in a state of mind where I felt the world was a mostly decent place, that people were mostly good, that life would hold no big suprises that I couldn't handle.

I don't have my September 2001 archives on the sidebar. If you would like to read them, and see how that day - and the days after - progressed, you can fin them at the web archives here.


I just read the whole thing.

You are a remarkable woman.

You made me laugh and cry and think.

The day that you discovered autumn had arrived was the day I discovered Eric.
Justin looks p.o.'ed in that picture with his head shaved.
I wish I could meet your Dad. How is he doing these days?
Are you guys still getting married?
And, one of the later posts reminded me of a joke:

Did you hear about the insomniac agnostic dyslexic?
He sat up all night wondering if there was a dog.

Please forgive me if the answers to those questions have been answered since. I do intended to read as much of your archives as possible, someday, but, for now, I'm curious enough to just ask.

Perspectives change with life's little curveballs, don't they?