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From Yahoo News: Hamas supporters celebrate in the streets of Gaza City after a suicide bomb attack in Jerusalem, September 9, 2003. The military wing of the Islamic militant group Hamas hailed two suicide bombings in Israel in a statement sent to Al-Jazeera television on Tuesday. Picture taken September 9. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

From Tal G. in Jerusalem: one of my wife's old friends - was hurt by shrapnel in last night's bombing. Doctors say there is a screw lodged near a major artery, which requires removal via a delicate procedure.

See, they don't just detonate bombs - they fill the bombs with nails and screws so as to inflict the most pain and injury and death possible. Are these people really human?

As long as they continue to strike out at innocents, as long as they believe that it's ok to kill in the name of your lord, as long as they bring their children up to be martyrs and murderers and teach them to hate and loathe and celebrate death, there will be no peace in the Middle East or anywhere. The cycle of violence does not run back and forth between Hamas and the IDF. It runs between parent and child, one passing on to the other the sick blood lust and the notion that dying for your cause and killing as many innocent civilians as you can in the process is virtuous.


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There is no question that prejudices of the parents get passed to children and this conflict has been feeding on itself for several generations. The question is – how do you break the cycle of violence? Under different circumstances it might be a matter of waiting for a new generation, but in a cultural/religious war as deeply entrenched as we see in the Middle East, compromise is difficult to envision. The violence is self-perpetuating.

Wise men have said that the only way to negotiate the peace is first, for one side to defeat the other. It seems certain that terrorists and those who spawn terrorism will have to be completely and utterly destroyed before we will see peace.


There is a no "cycle" that denotes some sort of equality between the two sides

The thing is there is a signifigant moral difference between the two sides

One targets civilians the other targets the terrorists who target civilians to protect civilains

Unlike what Powell said and like Bush said: "Fighting terrorism does not cause terrorism"

The root cause of terrorism is its success

Wars end when there is a decisive victory on one side

Those who commit terrorism will not create a democratic society when they win since they have removed all morality already

“There is a no "cycle" that denotes some sort of equality between the two sides

The thing is there is a signifigant moral difference between the two sides

One targets civilians the other targets the terrorists who target civilians to protect civilians”.

I agree. There is no moral equivalence. And I stand by my belief that this thing will not end until every terrorist gets whacked. And we keep whacking until they stop popping out of the hole.

Just because successful terrorism breeds more terrorism, we don’t stop fighting. The previous administration proved that strategy will not work. We will be forced to fight on the terrorists’ turf or our own. I prefer theirs.

It's astounding that the European Union has taken so long to finally declare Hamas to be a terrorist organization.

It is time for a little lesson here:

Group A (terrorists) attacks Group B (Israel) - this is called terrorism.

Group B (Israel) attacks Group A (terrorists) in response to the original attack. That is not called terrorism. That is called retaliation. Retaliation is not perpetuating the "cycle of violence", the terrorists are.

The only cycle of violence here is the repeated terrorist attacks. If it takes total and complete destruction of the terrorists, then so be it.

They obviously deserve it.

Furthemore, Group A (terrorist) only attack civilians (this is call terrorism). Group B went out of its way to only attack the actual members of Group A responsible for attacking Group B (this is called a civilized response).

But truth and logic are never a strong point of LLL.

And that photo was a reminder (as if we needed one) of those cockroaches dancing in the streets the night of 9/11. We've never been presented with a clearer case of kill them all. The quicker the better.

As the arabs are busy celebrating yet another mass murder..

The children of Israel are mourning

You know, if I were in charge in Israel, I think I'd wait for one of those street celebrations, and just cluster bomb it.

Afterwords, identify the dead, and expel their families from 'Palestine.'

"Think of it as evolution in action."


Nails and screws are bad enough. But Palestinians aren't content to simply fill their bombs with plain-old nails and screws:

When Palestinian suicide bombers attacked Zion Square in Jerusalem on December 1st, there were three surprises to the horror they caused. The first was a new, much stronger type of explosive that probably came from Eastern Europe or Russia. The second was the timing of a second bomb that was intended to kill rescue workers. And the third was that the bombs contained rat poison, meaning that the attack added a new dimension to Palestinian terrorism -- biological warfare.

Rat poison is an especially nasty bio-terror weapon. Most rat poisons are made up of chemicals called anti-coagulants with trade names like warfarin, fumarin, diphacinone and bromadiolone. Some also contain poisons such as strychnine. All work more or less the same way. A small mammal eats the poison and soon gets sick and dies from internal hemorrhaging. This happens because a mammalian needs to constantly manufacture coagulants to manage internal body functions. When the coagulant is blocked, uncontrolled internal bleeding occurs.

The Palestinian terrorists clearly understood why they packed their bombs with rat poison. These bombs are made up of an explosive charge and are packed with nails and metal and glass shards and bits of steel wire. These materials are designed to kill or maim the victims of the bomb, spreading destruction over a wide area. If the nails, metal and glass are coated with rat poison, then anyone wounded by them would be more likely to die from hemorrhaging. Interior Minister Uzi Landau noted that in the December 1st attack the explosion itself consumed much of the rat poison. Had the rat poison worked, the bombers might have killed more than a hundred people on December 1st.


it's a prisoner's dilemma, rather than a cycle of violence.