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news, views and a snooze

I've been neglecting most of my email and I'm catching up now.

The lovely Sasha Castelhas moved. Please update your blogrolls, as she is now residing at the Cold Fury residence on the web.

The just as lovely Arthur Silber has just celebrated his one year blogging anniversary. Stop by and say hi. Arthur, you have the soul of a lion.

Cam Edwards is going to interview me on his radio show Thursday morning about the Voices project.

In other news, my 13 year old daughter just asked if she could paint her bedroom black and decorate it with skulls and other creepy Halloween-type things. She's already done the depressing poetry thing. Should I be worried? Ratty, a little help here?

More flashback-inducing than Pink Floyd.

Has anyone read the His Dark Materials trilogy? Did you know Pullman wrote a companion book called Lyra's Oxford?

Today was brought to you by the letter D, which stands for defeated, dead-tired and done.

That's ok because Opus is coming back. Everything is better with Opus.


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I read the His Dark Materials Trilogy about a year ago. I think it's pretty decent.

Holy crap! Everything is indeed better with Opus.

That's really wonderful news - the universe isn't looking quite as dark as it was yesterday...

The Opus thing is great news. I thought the Dark Materials trilogy started great and ended like utter crap. Your daughter's probably just a teenager- good luck.

My daughter turns 13 this weekend and is doing the goth metal thing as well. I'm all for it because she isn't doing the depressed goth thing but actually thinking for herself. Plus we hang out and listen to music now. I'm going to be pretty scary in 22 years when I'm 60 and still listening to heavy modern music. Those kind of old guys didn't exist when I was growing up.

jocelyn wanted black bedroom walls, too, ha! :)

instead she opted for stark white with black sheets, a black fleece blanket, black and white and red pillows and a lovely black mosquito net over her bed.

to match the black clothes and the black fingernail polish and the black boots.

zakk went through the 'black thing'... it passed. i have a feeling jocelyn's 'thing' will last longer... oy.

btw, did you know philip pullman wrote a book called 'i was a rat!' ??

Thanks a bunch, you just sold me another book. And I spent $40 on them today. ;)

Not only is Opus coming back, but The Pixies are coming back.

Everything is better with The Pixies.

Don't worry Michele. The 'blackness' comes with the territory; eventually, she'll either grow out of it (and be mortified when you bring it up later in life) or assimilate the better parts of it into herself (and learn something from the experience). Give it time. : )

Hey -- black is a lovely color. My 41-yr-old husband wears nothing else. I find it a very warm, comfortable color.

Of course, as a 14-yr-old, I had my basement bedroom painted powder blue. And then wore all black. So I don't know what to tell you.

Some of the most intelligent and well-balanced women I know are "goth". There are goths and there are goths, it like any sub-genre its just what group you get involved with in the end.

EVERYTHING is better with Opus. And he's making his debut just 2 days after my b-day. Awww, they shouldn't have.

And I just saw that the Pixies are coming back too. Damn, I'm starting to actually get happy now.