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this is a peace process?

Can you just feel that aura of peace? The road map glittering with golden stones, shining in its brightness, a hope for the future?


Two suicide bombings. At least ten dead.

But hey, let's give them a state.


The Root Cause of Terrorism is its Success

"Terrorism Works!", Is the answer to terror the international community has given

Do we see any UN angencies for the Daila Lama and people of Tibet

Maybe they should go blow people up too?

Kofi Annan's immediate condemnation of this atrocity is reproduced, in full, below.

I like hearing them called homicide bombings. Fox has the right idea there. It's a psychological stab at the morality of using senseless violence as protest.

a suicide bombing would be something different. sort of like the buddhist monks that burned themselves to death to protest the war in Vietnam.

I don't think terrorists should have their own state either. I think Palestinians should.

An "homicide bombing" is silly. Terrorist attacks are inexcusable, but come on, this term is opposed to- what- bombings that don't kill people? What if a suicide bomber screws up and just kills himself? He killed himself and no one else (thankfully) so is that still a homicide bombing or an attempted homicide bombing?

Dear August,

If a homicide bomber misses the target---men, women, children---then perhaps we'll call him/her a Moron-Bomber. Or maybe just an Incompetent F*ck. But the name really doesn't matter.

Scum is scum.


How enlightened of you!

Just answer me this if you can, who are the 'Palestinians?' is it the Egyptian born arafat or the fifth generation Jewish family living in Judea?

The egyptian arabs in gaza strip formerly of Egypt?

The jordanian arabs in the former west bank of jordan?

Which both countries have given up claims to after starting a war from it that they lost.

Is it the Israeli-arabs who have been acclimated and accepted into the democratic society of Israel?


'Work place accident' or 'splodie dope'

I dislike the argument that "Palestinians don't exist." Palestinians exist because several million people call themselves Palestinians. If half the state of Wyoming announced they were descendants of the Great Pumpkin and their land would now be known as The Pumpkin Patch, semantic and historical debates wouldn't decide their legitimacy- the army would. Our concern for the "existence" of the state of Palestine is equal to their concern for the "existence" of the state of Israel- the difference has no merit in terms of religion or history. The difference in merit lies soley in Israel's physical ability to support its claim.

I find it ironic that the argument is used against Palestinian statehood that this is a people who don't exist while simultaneously defending Israel from ceasing to exist... is wanting a race to cease to exist morally better or worse than refusing to believe another race doesn't exist to begin with?

Obviously this is a view you disagree with on the surface, but I hope the anger we both share at the monsters who comitted these acts doesn't amplify our capability of using their own rhetoric: The West Bank is full of terrorists. But not every Palestinian is a terrorist, and to think so only validates the terrorist's beliefs that every American is a hater of Islam and the Arab people.

We are, irrefutably, unquestionably, better than terrorist murders. We shouldn't think like them, even when our anger gives us cause to. The crisis in the West Bank can be solved only when the racism and historical hatred is removed from what has become a bloody terretorial dispute: as such both sides must abandon their racism and hatred, and neither can be forced or intimidated into doing so.

"this is a peace process"

More like a "pieces of jews process"

You could almost call them kamikaze bombings, but that doesn't do justice to it either. The kamikaze were just human guided cruise missiles, and they didn't target civilians during an erstwhile ceasefire. Homicide bombing doesn't really work either, since it doesn't get to the point that the bombers are killing themselves and any chance of peace too. I guess I'm thinking out loud in this post --- hmm. Mad bomber doesn't work, since it gives a kind of looney tunes feel to it.

A bomb is also a synonym for a loser. What about "suicide loser"?

or "murdering loser"?

As in: "A murdering loser bombed an Israeli restaurant district today."

A bomb is also a synonym for a loser. What about "suicide loser"?

I find that sort of agreeable, actually. Hamas can send suicide losers to kill Israelis and then the IMF can send retaliatory loser strikes into settlements. Instead of highlighting the bombings, the news can reiterate the better point: everyone's losing.

Fighting Terrorism Does not Cause Terrorism

So if i say that i am a citizen of the underwater nation of Atlantis, does that make it true?

There never was a country of "Palestine" and until those that call themselves "palestinians" decide that peace and a country is more important then murdering jewish children i certainly hope there never is one.

Oh hell, move them all to the Gaza and let them plant their flag and kill each other there.

Why is it that Israel can't defend itself, while other nations can fight terrorism within its borders? India has been dealing with Kashmir separatists and other groups for years, but you don't hear one word condemning their actions from the fringe.
Great double standard, there.