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last word on Ed

Ed (of the posts from this morning) took down the entry he wrote about me. In fact, he took down the whole front page of his blog. He also seems to have left MetaFilter, and the internet in general, in a huff.

You make your bed, you lie in it. Despite some emails to the contrary, I am not to blame for Ed's web demise. In fact, I'm sure Ed will be back spewing some kind of hateful vitriol in just a matter of days.

Ed opened the door by posting about me on MetaTalk and on his own blog, making some clumsy assumptions about me. Of course, he tried to pass it off as satire, but it failed to be viewed as such by the majority of people who read it.

Let this be a lesson. If you want to attempt to take someone apart on your site, don't provide a link to that person, or their referrer stats will just lead them to you, and will most likely lead them to defend themselves, loudly and to rule out every single fallacy you print about them. You end up looking like a fool if you don't have your facts straight.

I make no apologies for the way I handled Ed. He deserved every last bit of what was handed to him. Pleas stop emailing me asking me to apologize to the MetaFilter community and to Ed because I owe no such thing to either.


You're damn right. Funny how people just assume they can say anything they want about you and your character -- unprovoked -- just because they have the ability to type and publish. It's quite another thing to come out all guns blazing in defense of yourself...

If one cannot bear extreme temperatures, one should refrain from occupying the food preparation area.

(Did I translate that right?...)

Den Beste had a "stalker" who was being such a jerk like that. Finally, Steve unloaded on him and the guy has been quiet ever since. Some people just crave attention so bad that negative attention is just as good.

A long time ago, my father told me something about people that I didn't understand until years later. He said "There are guys in this world who cannot get a hard-on unless they are being whipped." I interpreted it figuratively, he meant it literally. His point was that there are people in this world whose perspective is so alien to you that you will not have a clue as to what they are thinking.

Keep that in mind.

Let this be a lesson:



Ed didn't get what the deserved, at all. What he deserved is a good ol' country asswhup.

Your posts have been reasonable and restrained - why on earth should you apologize? Even the folks on Metafilter were starting to realize that Ed's post was lame.

This whole episode illustrates something we learned on 9/11. Fight back. It works every time.

Wigglebottoms is absolutely right on this point. And I would encourage anyone who is berating her by email to stop. If you're going to send hate mail, send it my way. I'm the one who fanned the flames, already well fanned, when it was completely unnecessary to do so. And in doing this, I stooped to the same peurile level of discourse as everyone else.

At best, Wiggglebottoms had a very small part (and probably none at all) to do with my decision, though the useless energies devoted to this mess (and to other battles) did have a factor in all of this, which I've been privately thinking about for a while.

Of course, witnessing the wild misinterpretations and condemnations that have resulted, and seeing all of you rabid rodents encouraging the worst out of people, I'd sooner stab myself repeatedly with steak knives than be part of the oh-so-tolerant communities of either Metafilter or, for that matter, this sad excuse for a dittohead community. The Internet has, at long last, disappointed me. And it's about goddam time. The inability to perceive anything beyond easy dichotomies and the willingness to condemn (no matter WHAT your perspective), along with the inability of anyone here to even consider the other side of an argument, make this an intellectual and social tundra. And I won't be revisiting it for a long goddam while, if at all. I have more constructive things to do with my time.

There are more important battles to fight in the real world, where positive energies can be committed to correct evils or producing great things, rather than engaging in these petty shenanigans. And I'd encourage anyone reading these words to do the same.

"along with the inability of anyone here to even consider the other side of an argument"

I won't,however,stop ME from visiting, it's just The Way Things Are.

"Admittedly, though, I've had a lot of trouble enjoying her site since she pulled a Dennis Miller after 9/11."

Me too at first, but I quickly got used to it, actually prefer it I think.
She certainly has a better sense of humor than Miller.

We are, Ed. And for long before you ever came along.

Ed, darling. Get over yourself.

ed, you forgot your ball

(okay, I stole that from someone on metafilter - but it was such a cute line)

Who is Ed, anyway?

"There are guys in this world who cannot get a hard-on unless they are being whipped."

Errrrrrr, no comment ;)

Wigglebottoms is absolutely right on this point.

You know something, Ed? That Wigglebottoms shit wasn't a clever gimmick the first time you employed it, and by now, it ranks right up there in freshness with Queer Eye jokes.

You better not apologize

That's crazy

If anyone should display a formal public truthfull apology is the notorious defamer himself who started this

Real people are making real decisions based on real discussion and debate on the internet. Putting your head back into the sand won't change it - the internet IS the real world.

I think this is the entry he "took down":


I also saved it, just in case that disappears too. Heh.


Isn't their a folk song about this?

"Ed's dog Ed"

Or is it:

"Dave's dog Dave"

What? He's gone?

<sprays Lysol all over the place>

Ed, just let it go. Get over it. Move on.

(See? Now that's satire.)

He'll be back. I've yet to see a forum drama queen do the old "I'm leaving for-EVER screw you people!!!" routine without dropping back in to see if any one missed them. ;]

I'll apologize:

Ed, I'm sorry you're an ass.

His irony and satire are so deep yet so subtle I can't even see them. So what, there's now 17,158 left leaning MeFites instead of 17,159. It's not like it's the first time someone has been run out of that place by the mob, or self destructed in the comments (although then claiming it was all masterful satire no one got could be a first).

But I know the members of MeFi are a very sensitive bunch, and it's become a place filled with nothing but sunshine and puppy dogs. So you really should lay off 'em, Michele.


Mason, it's gone. Can you give me a pointer to it?