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a bet is a bet: day two

Here are your payback links.

And now, for something nice about the Red Sox, which I am being forced to write - for the second of seven days - by virtue of the Yanks losing last weekend's series against the Sox:

Nomar doesn't suck. In fact, he's the second best shortstop in the league.

Five more days of this.


Ooh! Snarky!

Thought you were going to rub the Baltimore loss in a little bit - in an indirect way, of course. You're too nice.

Everyone knows that Nomar is the second best SS, especially when compared to A-Rod.... I hope you aren't implying that there is a different #1 SS, say an overpaid one in NY.

Jeter is overrated statistics-wise, but he's a winner. And I hate him.


A disgruntled M's fan

Darn, JFH beat me to the A-Rod quip!

Seriously though, we are living in a Golden Age for shortstops. My Cardinals have a pretty respectable one as well, in Edgar Renteria. I know Jeter's numbers have been down a little lately, but I think that's mostly attributable to the injury problems he's had.

Derek doesn't have a patent on being a winner, though. It would behoove the Yanks to avoid getting themselves into a position where Garciaparra can beat them because if they do, my money's on Nomar.

blah blah blah, jeter jeter jeter. he's declined in about every offensive category when he should be improving. by every objective measure his defense sucks. this season he's not even as good as edgar renteria.

he does make clutch plays, i'll give him that. but david eckstein made some clutch plays last postseason...and i remember tony womack having a pretty big double off mariano a few seasons ago - it doesn't mean they're great shortstops who deserve about twice what they're worth.

OK, am I the only one who missed out on the photo of Michele wearing a Bosox cap?

Was it one of those "Gone In 60 Seconds" type deals? How did it get morphed into Michele saying (not so) nice things about the Sox? I can't believe nobody else has inquired about this travesty.