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ed rants, ed makes assumptions

Nothing like starting your day with some fresh anger.

Mr. Ed, whom I refer to in this post about MetaFilter wrote another one of those every so popular rants about how James Lileks and myself cannot get over 9/11.

It's as if James and I have become the pinatas of "move on, already" crowd. And Ed beats us furiously with his big stick today.

The first thing I notice is that Ed refers to me as Michele Wigglebottoms. Ah, there's a footnote attached to that. Let's see what it says.

While I'm aware that Michelle's last name is "Catalano," she doesn't seem to have the courtesy (let alone the courage) to include it on her website. Perhaps this represents an implacable fear that some Republican admirer might notice that her surname doesn't have, shall we say, pure Teutonic roots. To respect Ms. Catalano's Little White Lie, and for my own peace of mind, I will refer to her as Wigglebottoms throughout the course of this essay.

First things first. There's one L in my name. Thanks. I've referred to my last name many times on my site; which is obvious or else he wouldn't have know it. As for the Teutonic roots remark, I do think Ed has discovered that gasp! I'm not an Aryan! Oh my goodness, what will my fellow Republicans think of me now?

It's interesting how much someone can glean about a person by going through their weblog and its archives. What's more interesting, however, is what one does not glean by reading just one or two posts.

Ed talks about moving on:

And yet James Lileks and Michelle Wigglebottoms of A Small Victory, two people who did not lose anyone on September 11, cannot. Lileks, the less arbitrary of the two, writes that "almost two years later I'm still f*#king furious about it, if you want to know the truth [his censorship, not mine]." Wigglebottoms calls me "and the people who can't seem to understand" a "sick cancer." She states that "we will, in all probability, not move on" and consigns herself (and the other people she seems to speak for) to "stay with the anger and pain." [emphasis mine]

Had Ed taken the time to find out anything about me, he would know that the emphasized statement is untrue. It wouldn't have taken much - I've written about it often enough in the past month alone that a cursory skim of this site would have told him different.

Ed continues:

Why did Lileks and Wigglebottoms flip out about September 11 when the people who suffered real loss, irreplaceable loss, have the effrontery to move forward? Any rational person would want to escape a life of bile, hatred, anger, ferocity -- insert your intense emotional noun of choice.

All Ed knows about me is what he read in a few sentences. I do have a life outside of this weblog, and there are things I don't write about because they would bore people to tears. But I'm not here to justify myself to Ed. I don't have to explain my behavior or give examples of how my life is not 100% bile and hatred. This is my forum and I use it as such. And if it sometimes if filled with vitriol and anger, so be it.

I am not going to write another ten paragraphs on why I am still angry about 9/11 or why I still feel the pain. I am not going to tell Ed about the losses and those mournful days after. If Ed wants to know, he will dig through my archives. Something tells me he doesn't really want know, though.

It's too early to deal with this.


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Hi Michele,

I think many people who do not live in NYC or the NY Metro area just are clueless as to how it affected people in the city.

For those NY'ers of the "get over it" crowd, they should move back to North Dakota.

Checked out Ed's site--based on a cursory skimming of the content, I'd say he's a fat Aryan with a God complex.

Naturally, I can't be bothered to actually READ his weblog; I mean, who does THAT nowadays before they opine?

Informed opinions--they're so five minutes ago!

1. People who want us all to "just move on" are the kind of people who are uncomfortable with real feelings and emotions and would be so, so much happier in a life where polite fictions are enforced by law.

2. They want us to pretend 9/11 never happened because they are in denial about the new reality we face as world citizens.

3. They want those of us who are thinking and writing about that day to shut up because it says to them that they might not actually be the center of the universe, that there might be more important things to think about and talk about and remember than themselves and their agendas.


gasp You're not Aryan!?! Where's my white sheet? Oh wait, neither am I. Never mind.

Oh, so you're renamed "Wigglebottoms", but Lileks is just Lileks. How cute. Sexist as well as a bigot.

I'm not a native New Yorker, but I ain't fergettin' either. It's all part and parcel of my native hillbilly world view...y'all know how we are about fightin' and feudin' and holding a grudge for generations. It's a fine family tradition, you might say.

C'mon, MIchele, let's see that bottom wiggle. Please?

By the way, I think the styles.css is not linking to your comments.

Everything is plain text here.

I'm thinking that Mr. Ed has a fantasy that involves a certain blogger and her bottom wiggling. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. His problem with you "not having a life outside of your blog" is that it drastically reduces the chance of his fantasy of you and him meeting ever coming true. Of course, you'd have to include visiting his mom's house on you list of "outside the blog" activities.

1. He obviously doesn't read your blog if he thinks you had absolutely no attachment to what happened or who was lost that day.

2. While some of us didn't lose anyone and may not even live in New York (although my house is fifteen miles away in Jersey, thanks), we were affected. How can you not be? At the very least, this is about human loss in great numbers... human loss resulting from a terrorist attack. People who say to get over it should get over themselves.

Ed's a turd. Ignore him.

And that was the 'reasoned' response he promised in the metatalk thread? Jesus please us.

Also, I would deeply enjoy watching him do an expose on all of the nameless, anonymous trolls on Metafilter. But something tells me that that will never, ever happen.

"1. People who want us all to "just move on" are the kind of people who are uncomfortable with real feelings and emotions and would be so, so much happier in a life where polite fictions are enforced by law. "

David hit it on the head with that one. Ed, I suppose, would prefer to put his head in the sand and continue to disbelieve that it happened, or could happen again. He's of the same ilk that will dredge up 200 years of history and beyond in order to condemn the country he lives in, yet wants us to "move on" from a life-changing event that happened two freaking years ago. I think "coward" sums it up.

Ed can go fuck himself with a large chinese radish.

Funny how "they" get to tell "us" to move on from Sept. 11, but somehow they get to hold onto the 2000 election forever. [Full disclosure: I was extremely lucky and did not lose anyone close to me, but oddly enough there was an effect on my life. I guess I'm just an unbalanced Aryan, or some crap like that...]

"Ed can go fuck himself with a large Chinese radish" Succinct, and yet decisive and to the point. Good job Keith.

people who still say Bush was "selected" tell us to move on about 911. I am boggled

I notice Aryan Ed doesn't have comments. His kind never do.

I lost my brother in 1980 I will never 'move on'. I have an uncle and a cousin who are firefighters in NY. They both lost a bunch of friends. We are not 'moving on'; they still grieve. My brother, who is a priest, worked with Father Mycheal (I probably mispelling his name) in the AIDS clinics for several years in the eighties. Father Mycheal was the priest who went to all the fires and blessed the firemen as they went in. He had a heart attack at the base of the WTC at it fell. And my brother grieves for his old friend.

And I grieve for the families who had to watch their kin jump out of windows on TV. I grieve for the people who were ground up as the builds fell.

Mr Ed is heartless and cruel. Loosing 3,000 people to a terrorist attack on our own soil is not like some president grand jury lying that we should all just 'move-on' from. It is an unforgettable event in our nations history. And it is a very fresh memory at that. I will never forget it. You don't see masses of bodies falling from the sky in NY very often. Thank God.

And we would have been attacked again. We may yet be attacked again. And next time it won't be a few planes; It will be Saddams missing biological weapons. And those weapons will be used where millions will die. Al Qaida has made very recent threats to that effect and we would be idiots to 'move on'.

For many Muslims the entire point of the existence in this life is to kill non-Muslims and to impose Sharia law on the entire world. We are the demons and devils in their religion and they are driven by religous edict to kill all of us. Yet, Mr Ed exhorts us to 'move on'. I will not forget. None of us should forget until their is peace in the middle east and the Muslim Fanatics are no longer threatening us. And it will take a long time for that. It will take 20 years if we are lucky. Or it will take fifty.

Presidential aspirant Dean is wrong. He would bring our troops home and abandon the efforts to civilize the middle east. He would return the Baath party to power. He would give the decisions back to Libyia, Syriaand North Korean. He would let them kill many more of us. He is just like Mr Ed. And they are very, very frightening.

I find it funny that Ed thinks that you, who have done so much with the Command Post, and Voices, and all sorts of other great web content related both to 9/11 and the Iraq war, is mired in the past. But an elderly man who lost family on the plane that hit the Pentagon, and is now suing the airlines -- as if that can ever bring back the people he lost, and as if a protracted legal case can do anything but prolong the grieving process -- is considered to have "moved on."

What a fucktard. (Ed, not the old man.)

I am not going to write another ten paragraphs on why I am still angry about 9/11 or why I still feel the pain.... Something tells me he doesn't really want know, though.

Believe it or not, I do.

I follow your sight here from Instapundit. I say that to show that you are an intelligent person and say things that are important. I followed the link back to Ed's rantings. It would appear he is part of the "peace at any cost" crowd.

Ignore him:
1.) he is beneath your notice.
2.) By focusing on him, we give him credence.

You do a great job. Thank you for your postings.


These "Liberal" paternalistic racists disgust me, their extreme shallowness is so transparent its blinding.

Why are the "Liberals" the new White racists? They alone know what is best for all us little people and they know the place of each race how each race should all think alike. talk about diversity of thoughts and opinions.

Isn't that "MOVE ON" philosophy what many Americans are now saying about 9.11 -- specifically from that "Liberal" spheres..

"Move on..." from 9.11 , seems so reasonable doesn't it?

There is nothing worse then "moving on" from 9.11

God this almost grates we worse they the other "Liberal" phrase of "why do they hate us.."

Argh - "Liberals"!

Those Jew-haters also like to use the "move on" thing in regards to "why do the Jews always harp on the Holocaust?"

Can't they move on?

Is it for sympathy?

Is it for monetary gain?

tired old neo-nazi banter now common "Liberal" phrases

Now these types are at this same old crap with 9.11

that really makes me ill

The entire point is to not "move on" is so it doesn't happen again!

You never forget so it never repeats that's the enitre point

History repeats itself - stay aware and ready so you won't get fooled again

God you think these people had some 4th grade educational background...

Ed, is a cloistered white "Liberal" racist who is completely ungrateful for what the rest of the world wishes they could have


Do and write whatever you want, you are an American, a free person. This Ed character with his racial stereotyping and pigeon-holing is clearly beneath your beauty and righteousness

Don't waste your time on it

It clearly wants part of your spotlight

DO NOT link to it

DO NOT talk of it

DO NOT visit it

Because, that is what IT wants

Michele, listen to what MGLAZER says. Its damn good advice.

Michele - why get in a lather over this Ed guy? I just perused his blog and it's obvious that he hasn't bothered to read you or Lileks to any extent - he doesn't seem to understand, just makes assumptions and spouts drivel.

Forget about it...the man has not got the depth, insight or personality to produce anything meaningful.

Odd, ISTR coming across Michelle's last name somewhere. Either here or the Command Post blog. How is that "hidden" exactly?

Ahwell. Ed's probably just being a typical internet twit who disguises his inattentiveness with accusations of some plot to "hide" something or another from him.

I live thousands of miles away from NY, in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies. I didn't lose anyone in this tragedy. However, we saw the Towers fall, on live TV. Of course we were affected.

We saw people die. On live television.

Even if I wanted to forget, I couldn't.

This is not something you "move on" from. 9/11 was certainly the biggest, most horrible thing to happen during my lifetime. It will become one of those truly important focal points in American (and world) history. One might as well have told my grandfather to "move on" from his experiences at Normandy. It won't-- it CAN'T happen.

Mr. Ed

I will not move on, nor do I plan to move on any time soon. I, and people like me will insure that this does not happen again and that we will learn from the lessons that day. If you are uncomfortable with that, fine, sounds like a personal problem to me.
We got sucker-punched by the jackass at the bar who has has too much "ideology" to drink, best learn a lesson and either go run and hide or stand your ground, but never turn your back on him. Some of us do not care to pretend that after the first punch, that if we try real hard to put it past us that we will not be slammed even harder by the second blow.

Ed is twisted when he talks about people who didn't lose anyone on that day. We all lost people, 3000 of them. We are Americans, even Ed with his exclusivist logic. We are this nation, and when it was attacked we were all attacked. The impact for me is the same as if someone had broken into my home and killed my child (wait, that's WHAT THEY DID). I say MOVE FORWARD, and deal with the rest of the shitty situation, and never stop until it's done, over, and finished. Further, I don't understand how Ed et al cannot see the interlinkages in radical Islam, wherever it occurs. Yes, this means we'll have to deal with Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and so on....but let's MOVE FORWARD and get the job done.

Don't miss ed's spectacular breakdown on metatalk where he demands his account be deleted, and threatens to quit the Internet because 'the inmates are running the asylum'. Apparently his piece, poorly veiled bigotry and all, was nothing but satire. And we are the monkeys too dumb to understand it, but yea, we must fling poo at that which we do not understand.

Who wants a banana? I'm up for some grooming.

It seems ed has taken down his post, and the main page of his blog.

I have to say, as the person who started this whole mess by quoting Lileks in the first MeFi thread: Things seem to have turned out pretty well!

Those people that exhort others to “move on past September 11th” seem to be stuck in their September 10th world of blissful ignorance and false security.

Hey Michelle,

Even if you wanted to forget, how could you...I live in Colorado and watched the towers fall live. I then went to the World Trade Center in Denver..Yes there is one here...and got to watch the management there agaonize about their fellow workers in New York. Then I got to listen to my one New York friend tell me he couldn't get a hold of 30 friends. He finally reached 15....

Anytime I see a movie set in New York I think of Sept. 11. When I see the Simpsons in New York I think of Sept. 11....Ed (who has now hid his site in shame) is a lot like Michael Moore who lamented the fact that the people the terroists hit didn't even vote for Bush...they should have hit a "red" state.

We don't need the term compassionate Conservatives any more because only conservatives are compassionate anymore.


I know you probably don't care, and this is off-topic, but I just have to bring up your use of the word "Aryan". The true meaning of that word is basically Iranian, as it refers to an ancient people from that region. The Nazis misused it.

I personally find it quite ironic that many modern racists end up referring to themselves with a label for a people they abhor.

I'm well to the left of the regulars around here but agree that Ed is something of a blithering idiot trolling for hits. Though I agree with much of what he says, mocking someones name is a pretty pitiful way to make a point. I'm also not sold on the right of any individual to tell others how they should feel. I may not share the emotion, but that doesn't negate it's reality for others.

FredJ: "The impact for me is the same as if someone had broken into my home and killed my child..."

FredJ, don't you think that's a little extreme? It's certainly possible to empathise with those who lost loved ones on 9/11 without equating it to the murder of ones child. The hyperbole is getting a little deep around here.

Ed, if you're still reading this:

I am sick to death of people like you. I didn't lose anybody I knew in the September 11th attacks, but I will NEVER forget. I will never forgive. I will never get over it.

And if that disturbs you, "get over it."

Remember, guys.

It's all fun and games to casually call all your ideological opponents Nazis... but when they call you a Stalinist, that's mean-spirited and evidence of their inherent stupidity.


A few points;

- Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
- I have no relatives in Hawaii, and I wasn't even born then, but I'm not going to 'get over' the Pearl Harbor attack
- To the people who have said 'get over it', I have called them 'cowards'. They don't like that. I called them cowards because in my opinion, they are afraid or unwilling to perform the task necessary.

Try it, it really gets a nice reaction. :)


I haven't lost a child of my own, so I guess in one sense that's true. In another sense, however, they have broken into my house (America) and killed my relatives (other Americans). That should make us angry at the same time as sad, and it should be the same type of anger (and sadness), which doesn't fade.

I am sick to death of people like you.

Gosh, I was gonna say the same thing about this whole group!

BTW, for all the anger and vitriol and cries to heaven for retribution, can we see a show of hands of everyone who marched down to the local recruiting office on Sept. 12?

Anyone? Anyone at all???

And that's the difference between Pearl Harbor and 9/11...

Yup, you are truly "nobody at nowhere.com." Loser.

Dave said:

"BTW, for all the anger and vitriol and cries to heaven for retribution, can we see a show of hands of everyone who marched down to the local recruiting office on Sept. 12?"

I say:

Since when does anyone have to justify their grief? Since when does anyone have to explain their pain?

Are people only allowed to angry if they enlist?

If that's the case, I'd like to introduce you to my husband. Ooops, sorry, I can't right now, he's currently deployed. Maybe after the first of the year?

I'll tell ya what, I'll introduce ya to the rest of his unit as well. You can ask them yourself how many of them enlisted/re-enlisted after Sept 11.

How about I introduce ya to my children? Both traveled to NY in the weeks following the attacks. One volunteered with the Red Cross, and helped family members fill out paperwork. The other helped serve meals to those working at ground zero. Does that count?

There's nothing special about my family..I can name ya dozens just in my small town (over 1000 miles from NYC) who have done the same and much MUCH more. Are we all allowed to be angry now Dave? Are we now allowed to feel pain?

BTW, we knew no one in those towers that day, no one in the Pentagon, or on any of those airliners. But we could have..and that's the point.

BTW, we knew no one in those towers that day, no one in the Pentagon, or on any of those airliners. But we could have..and that's the point.

Not to mention that if we allow ourselves to forget, if we let time smooth the rough edges of that day, if we let our guard down, the next time it might be you or me. And that's the other point.

What's all this talk about "knowing" people in the Towers that day? That's not the point. It could have been any of us there. Any. Single. One. Of. Us. Regardless of race, color, religious orientation, political ideology.

September 11, 2001 was an attack on every single American, even the moonbats.

It appears "ED" has gone the way of "Zed" from Pulp Fiction, since he's practically shut down his site.

"Ed's dead, baby.....Ed's dead."

Ha, Ed has done the modern-day equivalent of saying "la-la-la-la, I'm not listening anymore..." -- it's sad, really. Smart enough to understand the error of his thinking, yet not wise enough to learn from his mistake.


On September 11, I was waken by a telephone call from a hysterical relative. Turned on the TV. 3 minutes later I was in my uniform headed to work. It was 3:30 am here in Hawaii. I couldn't get up the hill to the front gate because there were hundreds of people ahead of me doing the same thing. I spent the next week in the headquarters helping coordinate the global response. I cannot find words to communicate the urgency and sense of purpose that still pervade here.
I did the "enlist" thing a long time ago. It stuck. It wasn't because of September 11, but that day surely validated my actions and reasons for the last 25 years or so. In a way all Americans enlisted (or got drafted) on September 11, 2001. Some just never understood the reasons why.

How many of the spineless, cowardly pukes asking if we enlisted have ever served in the military? Hands? Anyone?

That's right, none. Not a single fucking one. Here's a heads-up, dave-who-is-not-fit-to-use-the-name-dave: I did my time, and I have my honorable discharge framed and on my wall. Can you say the same? I didn't think so, you little shit-sucking parasite.

Dead on, R.Dave.

It can be easy to miss.