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Thank you so much to Jan of Sweet Inspirations for making this beautiful logo. Feel free to swipe it (save to your own server, please) to link to Voices.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference voices:

» A tribute that I personally find comforting from BeerMary's Rant-O-Rama
For those like me, that find comfort in sharing in other people's stories of 9/11, don't forget to check out Michele's site: [Read More]

» Go Read from Sunidesus Speaks
Last year Michele had a 9/11 project inviting all of us to tell our stories. This year she's doing... [Read More]

» 9/11 from BeldarBlog
This is worth some quiet time. I also agree pretty much with VodkaPundit and Lileks. My own thoughts on this anniversary are here. [Read More]


Michele ... I think "Voices" is an important project. Too often we forget, become complacent and fail to learn from our experiences. I will be writing in my "voice" on 9/11 but meanwhile, I am honored to send visitors to read what others felt, remembered, and learned that tragic day. Sadly, that too, becomes part of my sweet aspirations.