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Attention Wal-Mart shoppers:

This site is now available in Mozilla.

Courtesy desk help provided by Kevin. Prodding provided by Dave and Jim.



oh... i need Mozilla help too!!! is there a trick?

oops... that was me requesting the Mozilla help.

Goodie! I was getting tired of maximizing the window so that the text was readable :D:D

yay. it looks SO much better. the titles for the left column still are white on white, but at least the posts don't look like shit.

You mean it wasn't before? Sheesh, mine was available for Mozilla and IE6 users, but IE5 users were stuck with nothing but a front page. Eh, what can I say, upgrade people, upgrade!

I like the site now! The CSS is being applied to the comments, the entries are now properly boxed and readable.


:: standing, cheering, applauding ::