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dear vince


Once again I must approach you publicly. I was kind enough to accept your apology, thinking it would shut you up and you would move on to bother someone else, seeing as that even Indymedia won't have you.

In regards to your most recent comment directed at Andrea, you have just proved the point I made in my original post about you: You reduce every single arrow aimed at you to your gayness.

No one cares if you are gay, Vince. That's not the issue. Remember when I said that you use a bait-and-switch technique, making long rants about whatever Palestinian soapbox you are on and then you add one tiny sentence saying something about being gay so when someone attacks you, you accuse them of being a homophobe?

Obviously, you learned nothing about that lesson, Vince.

Get over yourself, hon. It's not about your sexuality. It's about your arrogant idiocy.

Apology retracted. Now, shoo.


Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Is it Fucktard Month and I didn't get the memo?

Please, please, please stop validating this whiny bitch, please.

Ooh! I'm so scawed! Scawed of the scawey gay man!

Oh wait. No I'm not.

This post has

A) Simplicity;
B) Clarity;
C) Harmony;
D) Lucidity;
E) Order; and
F) Perspective.

According to my Art History teacher in Sixth Form, that makes it a piece of Reneissance Art, after a fashion.

It also has humor ("Now, shoo" made me snort my water) and the comments say "fucktard" in them.

I declare this post the most perfect thing I've seen in at least an hour.

Thank you.

And to the gender inspecific person who rails on his/her/its sexuality as a constant defense - I'm a straight person, and your self immolation offends me terribly. And don't you dare claim that it's because I'm straight, that would be bigotry of the first order. You're not a bigot, are you?

He keeps saying that he's gayer than a pink bonnet. Well I don't find pink bonnets to be gay at all. Oops, there I go being homophobic again.

Has anyone ever studied the mating habits of pink bonnets?

Well not much is known about the mating habbits, but it seems as though the major population of pink bonnets comes from China. Field studies placed them in a abandoned looking factory, but on closer inspection the team discovered that its a massive machine like animal giving birth to many colored bonets. Almost every colour in a gay rainbow. It impregnates the unseen femal bonnet by jabbing a needle super fast into her then retracting leaving some gentic thread behind.

Well, I try to be nice, and this is the way I’m repaid. Hmnn.. To be expected I suppose.

In any case, I apologize to Andrea, as hitherto, I had not realized the poor thing was so fragile. I'm glad you've taken her under your wing, as she obviously needs some sort of loyal protector. Is it true, she's been recently released from a day program, or is this just one more of a myriad of internet myths?

Well, between yourselves and the IMC editors, I’m off Atkins. I’ve donned my pink fuzzy slippers and will now sit down and enjoy a pint of Belgian Chocolate Hagen Daz. Please know that if I end up in a mens' social meeting of “Girth and Mirth” (yes, it exists), it will be on all your heads.

Having said that, each and every one of you, has my express permission to sic Indymedia NYC. They certainly have it coming!

Finally, Michelle, you seem to be a creative and talented individual. I’m sorry that your site seems to be primarily populated by riffraff, and barely educated, low-brow types. It must be hell for you.

In Solidarity,

My baby has a pink bonnet. Should I worry about her catching gay? She already has a gas problem, so I don't want to add to her troubles.

In any case, Vince, I'm glad you have such a high opinion of yourself, because it won't matter to you that most of us think you are a garden variety asshole. How droll are the hoi polloi, with their low-brow neologisms. "Fucktard" -- it is to laugh, to quote the immortal Daffy Duck.

That was pathetic, Vince. I thought gay people were witty. Another stereotype, down the drain.

I’m sorry that your site seems to be primarily populated by riffraff, and barely educated, low-brow types.

Well, Vince, you could reduce that population by going away...

Just a thought.

Now make him apologize to Angela, too.

He dissed her in the other thread.

And Michelle.


“Hoi Polloi?” rolling eyes. Perhaps the only surprise here is that there are not dueling banjos as one enters the site. In any case, you remind me of why I am adamantly opposed to home schooling.

“F*fcktard”, hhmmn. Yes that original.

“ Vince. I thought gay people were witty. Another stereotype, down the drain.”

I’m glad I could help. I am against perpetuating stereotypes of any sort. In any case, I seem to have a cold these past few days.

Baby’s are cute, but a lot of work. I am sure you have your hands full. You are lucky! In any case, I wouldn’t worry about him or her “catching gay”, as my intuition is that probably more nature rather than nurture.

Michelle on another one of your threads i made some points about your pal Vinny. He is an apologetic terror supporter, spews some of the most vile anti American and anti semitic stuff you can imagine (did you know that Bush knew all about 9/11 and Israel committed a massacre at Jenin?), and has suggested to supporters of Israel to go there and "ride a bus - ha ha".

In the words of my departed grandfather, he should wake up dead.

sorry that would be an "unapologetic terror supporter" - oh hell a fucktard.

Totally, inaccurate. You don’t know me or what I stand for, which is peace and justice. I’ve repeated that online many, many times that I am against violence and have condemned suicide bombings. I have both mainstream Jewish progressive friends and also far left Jewish friends. I’ve already said that last year I made incautious statements. What’s your point?

In any case, you support what I had believed all along that "Blah" was somehow connected to this site.