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Indymedia and blogs

An Indymedia moderator writes a lenghty observance on Indymedia's role in the blogosphere.

Yes, I'm mentioned. Without insult, I may add.

I think the basic premise of his article is that while bloggers talk and complain, Indymedia spurs people into action.

In the weblog world, sometimes it seems as if debate spurs argument, which itself spurs a hypertext link somewhere else and yet another argument, ad infinitum. On Indymedia, at least in theory, journalism spurs debate, but also action, which in turn creates yet more journalism. For a generation variously written off as politically disengaged, hopelessly post-modern, or both, Indymedia’s embrace of political praxis can be a refreshing antidote to the endless burbling of the blogosphere.

So, to sum up: Indymedia rules, blogs drool.

Sorry, Chris, but you are blowing Indymedia's worth way out of proportion. You can find more jouralism type stories in one hours worth of surfing blogs than you can find in three days worth of surfing every single IMC site.

I don't claim that this site is anything like journalism, but there certainly are blogs - on both the left and the right - that put out media-worthy posts day in and day out. If posting Photoshopped pictures of Bush and hiding posts that go against the Palestinian version of peace can be construed as journalism to the IMC moderators, then perhaps some of them should go back school and learn what journalism really is.

Indymedia has the potential and the reader base to be something important and powerful for the left. By moderating it down to specific ideologies (which not all on the left follow) and dismissing anyone who does not fall in line with ANSWER type activism, IMC is doing a great disservice to those it purports to serve.

My suggestion is to open it up a little more, let people speak their minds and stop making room for every conspiracy theory in the world while censoring posts that are just reporting facts - even if these facts are not ones that you want to hear. Perhaps some real discussion is warranted in those instances, perhaps the comments section on the various IMCs would consist of more than trolls and anti-Semites if you stopped thinking of IMC as a forum for the tin-foil hat crowd and took the real leaders of the left - those who can think beyond conspiracies - seriously.

Just my two cents.


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So very well said.

I'll let down my defense mechanisms for a moment. The article is complete bull. Chris Anderson is a self-absorbed, self-promoting ass. That's my opinion.

Although, I disagree vehemently with your readerships' politics, I have more respect for the people here than the entire crew of the Indymedia collective put together.

If he cared a wit about the newswire, or the readers, among other things, he wouldn't have let right and left wing extremists (me being the left wing abuser) duke it out, no holds barred. So now there is some flak, and he's trying peremptorily to cover his ass.

No, I'm not talking about censorship, because I was the one who advocated, on SF IMC and NYC IMC, for Ender our Israeli visitor to not be censored. What I'm talking about is they made zero effort to enforce even minimal standards of civility.

Now this ass writes some college paper, that he'll probably toss around to other IMC collectives? hahaha.

Michelle, I applaud your efforts here. Obviously, I'm not going to stop working on the left. I dropped in because I was curious. In any case, you've made yourself clear.

I think blogs may be coming into their own, as a potent force. First, we get that weird article saying that listening to Rush Limbaugh is better than reading blogs, and now Indymedia is responding to the rise of blogs.

If blogs are as bad a thing as these articles suggest, then there's really no point in writing an article claiming a better alternative to blogging.

I expect we'll start seeing more and more anti-blogging articles by people and organizations who are threatened by blogging.

Michelle - Please note: Your friend Vince has state the following at NYCIMC: Israel committed a massacre at Jenin (when asked to back it up, he, surprisingly enough crawled back under his rock), when called out on his support of terrorism he stated "why don't you go to a pizza place or ride a bus - ha ha" (yes it is funny when anyone is blown to pieces over a slice) and he with his wonderful "VinGraphics" has photoshopped some stuff that would make Latuff blush.

You owe this piece of shit no apology and no recognition - he is a scumbag, an anti semite, and for a person who would for his "sexual proclivities" picked some strange bed fellows if you'll pardon the pun.

Curiously enough, there has been talk on this subject in other well known blogs recently as well. I post occasionally under this screen name which essentially guaratees anything I write will find a place in the hidden files, safe from typical IMC (aka conspiracy theorist) eyes.

I'll say here what I've said there and elsewhere…
IMC "news" is no better than that dredged up by The Sun, Weekly World News and the National Enquirer.