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psa and a the weekly whoring commentary

I just want to publicly thank Daria, who is busy today helping me out with Voices.

There's plenty of new stories to be had. Read, link, pass it on.

Thank you, Daria, and thanks to all who offered help. I'll be in touch.

Also, please go visit Kelley's weekly devotion to the blogosphere, the Cul de Sac.

And this being Monday, it's your chance to whore yourself, your posts, your announcements and your blog in the comments. Just no pet talk, ok?

UPDATES: Thank you to Lesley also for volunteering to help me out with the posting on Voices.

And I forgot Pietro when I did my links to Red Sox fans this morning. I don't think I have to say something else nice about the Red Sox because the bet was once a day for a week, so I'll hold off on my musing on Bill Buckner until tomorrow.


I've been meaning to contact you earlier about PBS airing several programs during this week on 9.11 There is one tonight and at least 2 tomorrow evening. Strangely the most whacked out broadcaster of all is the only one commemorating our loss and attack on 9.11

Come visit Pardon My English, a new group run blog.

Recommended by Emperor Misha and Emily Jones at Give War A Chance.


What if it's 9/11 pet talk?

Michele - thanks for the mention! And Voices is looking good. Thanks to Daria from all of us who are watching the project take shape.

Much obliged, Michele. Good work on 'Voices' to all of you involved as well.