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the daily french report

Merde in France reports that crass French author Frédéric Beigbeder's hitting the publicity circuit to promote his book "Windows on the World," had a bit of trouble:

For the new season of France state television's weekly anti-American hate fest 'Tout le Monde en Parle', Frédéric Beigbeder was so shitfaced from drinking vodka backstage that he did not come out to do his book promo. He took a raincheck and will be back next week.

No comment.

Meanwhile, Beetswerkin has decided to write a book about the French heat wave:

Do you think grandma will be ok, said the French woman with the French hair. Certainment, replied the French man with the French name. But reports say it is hot in Paris, said the French woman with the French hair. Perhaps we should have bought grandmother an air conditioning unit. Never, replied the French man with the French name. Grandmother need only take herself down the five flights of stairs and enjoy a refreshing lemonade at the cafe. Air conditioning destroys the environment, overtaxes the electrical grid and leads to the absolute decay and destruction of the societies which use them, pontificated the French man with the French name.

Oh, I'm sorry. Is that crass?


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It is crass? Only if Chris Muir and I don't get any royalties for inspiration. Heh heh.

Seriously, if he fleshed this out and made it available as a book, I think I would seriously consider buying a copy.

C'est oui! C'ertainment, c'est vrais says the American texican without the froggish hair. *lol

Crass: n. Showing a grossly insensitive lack of intelligence.

Yeah, I think crass would cover it.

Well, I actually read Windows of the world, thanks to Merde in France and the following controversy (otherwise I probably wouldn't, Beigbeder is not my cup of tea).
And I must say that MIf grossly mischaracterized the book. Bill extracted 3 pages from 400 in which, indeed, 2 characters chose to engage in wild sex before their death. It's the one and only "porn" scene of the book. Ditto for the trick to name characters after their clothes brands. It's used only in the case of the 2 traders. All the other characters (and there are a lot of them) has names, backgrounds etc.
I didn't appreciate the book that much, on literary grounds. But to dismiss it as offensive, insensitive, or even anti-american is utter bull shit. The general feeling is definitely compassionate.