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a bet is a bet

Ok guys.

Here are your links.

And now, for something nice about the Red Sox, which I am being forced to write by virtue of the Yanks getting blown out two games out of three this weekend.

Fenway Park is nice. I really like the Green Monster. I had a good view of it on tv when Bucky Dent's home run went sailing over it on October 2, 1978.


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To quote you from the comments on this post:

That was so very, very lame. What is it with you Red Sox Yankees fans that you can't give a compliment without making an insult at the same time?

At least I didn't bring up a painful memory!

You did not. You were out back of the school smoking pot with the stoners then. :p

Yo, where is that picture of you in Red Sox gear?

I'm still waiting for a picture. A real picture!!

It's not so easy is it?

Bucky Dent=Antichrist

'nuff said!

A little weak, Michelle. Hell, given that your boys are still up three in the loss column, I think you could be just a touch more gracious.


Yep, I'm waiting on that pic in Sox gear as well.

I had a dream that the Mormons were right, and that after death, I received my own planet and I was their god. On Planet Troll King the Yankees had a bit of a hard time. They found themselves with good teams year after year, but there was always some mishap that kept them from reaching the playoffs. They always just fell short. This pleased me.

Who were the big winners? On Planet Troll King, the Red Sox won the World Series about every three years -- quickly getting five titles in the first 18 years of professional play. More importantly, I had set things up carefully that they would dominate for at least another decade, if not decades, by creating the greatest baseball player ever and putting him on the Red Sox.

And then the owner of the Red Sox, having free will, sold the player to the Yankees for cash, which he used to create a play -- a musical. A musical!

In my wrath, I vowed the Red Sox would be anathema, and their fans would suffer grievously until my anger was appeased, which being god sometimes takes decades. The greatest baseball player -- traded to finance a musical. I'll show you. I'll give the Red Sox inheritance to the Yankees. You think Esau got a raw deal? Wait until you see what happens in Game Six of 1986. Or Game Nine in 2073, in which the Red Sox blow a 14-run lead in the bottom of the 12th, an inning in which their closer strikes out nine batters who reach first base anyway. Or Game 11 in 2189, which still causes Bostonians to tear their garments and pull their hair ... how do you like your musical now?

Whew! Then I woke up and understood the wrath of God.


Being a native New Yorker and a lifelong Yankee fan I thought her comments where exceptionally nice. And to those of you who expected differently its all about unrealistic expectations. You're from Boston.... you'll always be second rate.

I agree. You could be more gracious. Like acknowledge what a great player Manny is and the damage he did to us this weekend. And how nice it will be when he comes home to play for the Yankees.

My favorite moment was last season when we took a series from the Sawx and our pastor put a Yankees cap on during his sermon to pay off a bet to my (then 12 year old) son.

I noticed you left out a few links!
That's a tragic insult to someone who groveled - well, not exactly - for a week as pittance for his loss. Pay up!