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i am a broken record

Regardless of what people think of my not letting go of the pain and anger, I'm going to continue to not let go. Expect that this week will consist mainly of posts about and relating to 9/11. That's just the way it is, the way I am and what I need to do.

In the interest of self-preservation and a tiny bit of self-awareness, I've decided to forgive Vince after he sent another email, one that I truly believe is sincere in his offer of an apology.

I've got to let some things go.

Anyhow, I'm becoming nervous that I will not have enough time to get all of the contributions up on Voices before Thursday. There's just so many of them and I can only do a few at a time before it gets hard to read any more stories. If anyone would like to help me out with posting these stories over the next few days I would really appreciate it. Just let me know.

Once again, please take some time to read the stories. A link on your site, if you have one, would be great, especially this week. Like I've said before, so many people expended a lot of energy and emotion getting these stories down and I want them to be heard.

And I am not going to apologize or make excuses for refusing to let go of my anger and pain. It's what drives me to do things like Voices.


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If there's any way I could help out posting stuff for you, somehow, let me know -- the 9-11 stuff doesn't bother me, mostly, and I have the two days before 9/11 off.

If you still need assistance I'm willing to help, just let me know how and when.


Hell Michele, it's your friggin' site! If someone doesn't like it, they are entirely free to go elsewhere. Unless these folks are claiming you put some sort of voodoo hex on them to force them to come here, they have no legitimate grievance with you.

I wish I had something worth contributing, but all I can do is link it and hope to generate a little extra traffic.


i wish i could help but i have to be at a meeting this week.
i will link where i can. and like you, i will never apologize for my rage, my tears, my pain. i'm not sorry for them. i don't understand how anyone could just "get over it".


I can help. Let me know what you need.