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group flaming

Now I'm being flamed on MetaTalk, an offshoot of MetaFilter:

I wouldn't place too much importance on what a site like "A Small Victory" has to say about the level of debate on Metafilter. Come on! Look the bile, hatred, bigotry and self-righteousness the author and respondents generate.

I think I'll use that as my new tagline. Bile! Hatred! Bigotry! Except that I don't recall ever being a bigot, but that does not matter in the land of flaming your enemies.

Note to MetaFilter people: I am not a right-winger, especially not a rabid one. I am more of a centrist, with some right handed leanings. Just because I wrote in one post about my need to hang on to the anger of 9/11 does not mean I am an all out Bush cheerleader, school-prayer loving, white supremacist who frequents dirty water trenches like Free Republic. Of course, most of you have just read that one angry post so what would you know?

Anyhow, in two and half years of blogging, I've been flamed and broiled and skewered and roasted a number of times. This won't be the last, even though it is probably the first group-flame I've received and it most likely will remain the nastiest, for reasons I'll keep to myself.

Anyhow, get over yourselves, guys. Most of the descriptions you set up on right-wingers go for left-wingers as well. Self-parody indeed.


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Hey, girl, let's serve up some mint jelly to go with that flame broiled rack of lamb!

What kinda hostess are you anyway?


We got a mention..*wooohooo* respondents! hot damn!

can you serve up some cocktails too cuz i'm thirsty.

Apparently Mr."Jimbob" doesn`t like you Michele.
I hope you don`t lose too much sleep over it.What exactly are these mysterious "progressive" ideas he writes about?

I especially like how Haughey says that he doesn't want to see any more political posts. BUT HE WON'T DO A GODDAMN THING ABOUT THEM.
Actually, that seems to sum up the MF political process in a nutshell: complain about something, have an angry and incoherent discussion, and finish up with a good old-fashioned circlejerk while the status quo remains.
I'd love it if any of them ever got voted into office, just so they could prove their total incompetence and get impeached.

The quote that comes to mind is from Exit Wounds: "What am I, a shit magnet?"

Like my daddy always said: Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Oh, wait. He never said that. I did.

Michelle, you're so popular. Everyone hates you. Please add eight or nine more posts about it. It's getting really interesting.


Obviously, you're still reading.

I still like you Michele...Its typical that they can't argue with you ideas so they rip you....when your too dumb to come up with a good argument, attack the person...Must be in the DNC handbook

I wish I got attention like that. The closest I came to being a target of a flame war was a post on the sillyness of light pollution. Little did I know that there's a whole special interest group on the subject.

I've noticed that the typical MeFi discussion starts off semi-rational and within two or three posts quickly descends into tinfoil hat territory.

If you're pissing these people off, you must be doing something right.

I'm tellin' ya'...we need sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads for such instances...

I had a read of MetaFilter yesterday.

It's degenerated into a bunch of left-wing loonies backslapping each other.

Such a shame. It used to be good.


Is that what they're calling it now?

Don't miss the part where one of them claims that there are no posters shouting down rational viewpoints. (Also that the site is 'centrist' and the only people who disagree are the 'ultra-right'.)
I mean, is he blind or has he just not read anything there since Election 2000?

You judge a blogger by her enemies. Inotherwords you are damn impressive my dear!

We're the bigots, so says the Left. Meanwhile everywhere the Left has power the situation of minorities gets worse and worse. There are about three right-leaning centrists in the entire education establishment in the whole damned country. Look at the shape of the schools in the inner cities, run by the Left. Would it be any different if those schools were run by the Klu Klux Klan?
If you look at the results, there's no more bigoted group in America than the Left Wing on the Democrat Party of the United States of America. They talk. Whoopity shit. Look at the results. Absolute racism. The Left accuses us of bigotry? Look at their results.

Evilpundit: Sounds like Plastic, a year ago. Is Plastic even still around?

I gave up when the idiocy-ratio got too high, and nobody ever fucking learned anything from any previous thread.

Debunking the same crap 50 times to the same people gets kinda annoying.