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from the man who wants to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses

From Fox:

California Gov. Gray Davis on Saturday took a dig at Republican gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling one potential voter at a campaign stop that "you shouldn't be governor unless you can pronounce the name of the state."

Someone should tell Mr. Davis that you shouldn't be governor unelss you can actually run the state without running it into the ground. I'd rather have a governor with a bad accent than a governor with bad fiscal management skills.


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amen to that!

Yeah but can Davis pronounce Arnie's name correctly? Is Gray's strategy to portray Arnie as a moron? That is going to take some doing, that is for sure.

At least Arnold doesn't pronounce it "Aztlán."

Xrlq shoots & scores.

Davis .... What a moron! He should talk! The word is, with the new law permitting illegals to have driver's licenses, California now stands to lose all of its Federal highway funds. Ok, Davis-was it worth it to sell out the state and lose the Federal funding?????

What is the proper pronounciation of California? I'm puzzled.

Where I live, this former Californian pronounces it "Asshatland."

Which some may choose to spell "Aztlan," come to think of it.

The "proper" (Anglo) way to pronounce it is "cal if forn ya." Ahnold pronounces it "collyfornia." So do most of the illegal aliens Davis wants to give driver licenses to. Apparently, Davis thinks it's OK for illegal immigrants to drive to and from menial jobs, but it's not OK for legal immigrants to run for public office.

Piffle. Davis is being made to pay for Enron's fraud and the previous governor's craving cowering before business interests. If Davis had a shred of charisma, this wouldn't be happening.

it's not just Davis who wants to give Driver's Licenses to illegal immigrants... hell, 4 of the 5 people gub candidates at the last debate said they would do it.

i'm a freakin American Citizen and i can't get a DL without a letter from the State Dept., but an illegal immigrant can get one? what's up with that?

Correction, Mr. Finn: if Davis had a shred of integrity, this wouldn't be happening.

Xrlq's comment points to an interesting phenom: will voters vote NO on the recall for fear of a more liberal Bustamante? is Davis' main opponent driving the state back into Davis' camp?

Aaron: That's part of the battle I'm fighting with myself when trying to figure out how I'm going to vote in this cluster.

Asshatland indeed.

michelle: proof that Arnold is reading A Small Victory. he stole your line! read last paragraph in today's Sacramento Bee: