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for vince: too late for apologies

There's this guy named Vince. Vince is somewhat of an enigma. I know, for instance, that Vince isn't too fond of Israel or Israelis. I know that Vince likes to cause trouble. I know this because Vince is a stalwart of Indymedia, yet he has felt their wrath as well. He is often censored, his posts are deleted as much. I'm not sure what personal agendas are behind all that, but it seems that Vince has as many supporters as enemies at Indymedia.

I don't like Vince. He mistakenly called me a homophobe once. But Vince thinks everyone in the world is a homophobe, so I wasn't particularly bothered by that. I wrote about Vince over here as well, after he posted something about zionist dogs at Indymedia. Following that, Vince posted about me on Indymedia, using my picture. I had asked him to take the picture down but, alas, it never happened, although the post was hidden by an IMC moderator.

I asked Vince also for an apology and a retraction, as he poste some very false things about me. I'm glad I didn't hold my breath for those because I would be dead by now.

So eventually I forget about Vince and I start skipping over his posts when I'm gathering moonbat seeds in the garden of Indymedia.

Now, flash foward to today. Who do I get an email from? That's right, Mr. Vince. It's a long, meandering email, much like his posts and it took me a while to get to the gist of it, to figure out what he wanted.

I'm going to go ahead and excerpt parts of Vince's email. If it pisses him off well that's just too damn bad, as the apology and retraction that I've been waiting for since May 27th was thoughtlessly tacked on to the end of today's email. Vince decide to take me down in a public forum; I can do the same to him. Sure, two wrongs don't make a right. But if pissing in Vince's Cheerios is wrong, I don't want to be right.

So, where has Vince been all this time that his apology has been delayed by months?

In any case, sorry for the months' long delay in getting back to you. I
have been promoting a benefit for Palestinian hospitals and working to bring
about a more reasoned U.S. foreign and domestic policy. I am doing all this
because I love you, my fellow citizens, and of course, I know better than
all of you.

Have I mentioned that Vince is arrogant? And really, Vince. If I had a dollar for every time you posted something on Indymedia while you were too busy to apologize to me, I would have enough money to buy you a clue.

Well, Sistah, if, long, long after the fact, you want me to post a retraction to Indymedia NYC, regarding earlier comments that I erringly attributed to you, I can do so. However, it's a bit moot, as the brain surgeons on 29th street seem to be calling out their attack dogs on fellow activists. Indeed, they have itchy fingers on the delete post button these days. Also, it is true, I am gayer than a pink bonnet, and take no offense at your earlier comments posted to your "insightful" weblog.

Sorry Vince. I do believe I am part of the reason for those itchy trigger fingers. Anyhow, it's too late for apologies. Also, I'm not sure what offense you are talking about. If I insulted you, it certainly wasn't for being gay. It was for being a jackass.

He then goes on to tell me about his Palestinian project, how he supports the two state solution and how he's a moderate. Could Vince possibly be coming around? Could he be giving up his anti-Semitic ways, his arrogance and his disdain for anyone who doesn't think like him? In a word, no.

In the beginning of his email, Vince wrote:

Darling, I hear you are good with computers. Can you help me? I am trying to improve my Palestinian group's website. Oh, my, I hope through
inadvertence, I haven't stepped into a hornet's nest.

And in closing, he writes:

Lastly, honey, you've great skill with graphics and it's hard to conceive
how, on the other hand, your reasoning abilities and politics, could be so
off base.

And I address this last part to Vince.

Welcome to my hornet's nest Vince. You were so kind as to invite me into your own nest in May, where you proceeded to sting me like a hornet gone mad. And now, tis my turn.

First, knowing what you know about me, and knowing that I think you are an anti-Semite and that I am pro-Israel, what in the wide world of idiocy made you think that I would be willing to lend a hand with your website?

Actually, I might have even thought about it if I thought your email was sincer and not just some pandering, patronizing attempt to butter me up so you can get some free graphic advice from me. It was the last lines, however, that gave your true nature away, Vince. You almost had me fooled.

You question how I can have the ability to redesign my website yet not have the ability to, what was that? Oh, think like you. I do think you just called me dumb, Vince. You didn't have to spell it out, the genuine feeling was there, right between the lines.

Your offhand apology attached to the P.S. in your email is wholly without merit. And your feel-good announcement that you've joined some touchy-feely emotional management group does nothing for me. I've been sitting here trying to decide if you are so incredibly pompous that you feel to see your own transparency or if you just thought that I was really that stupid to fall for your bullshit.

I think it's a little of both, Vince. Too bad you are wrong on the second count. Go back to your crude anti-Israel and anti-Bush drawings and graphics. Maybe some day you will reach the level of incomptence that Ted Rall has. There's nowhere to go but up, Vince.


ahhh...love is a many splendored thing.

In Vince's case, seems it's just a self-centered thing.

Think you passed up a neat opportunity to get turned loose on a Pali website, though. Bummer

Vince is somewhat of an enigma

Hey! Don't insult me

You do have your fair share of enemies don't you?

ugghh...'honey'...'darling'....'sistah'....me thinks Vince is either very very gay, or sexist. Or probably both--he admits to the gay part, and we've seen the bigot part many times. It's not a stretch to call him sexist then.

Or you could just refer him on to me and sit back and watch the entrails fly.

Does Vince not understand that Muslims torture and kill gays?

The palestinians have a field day with them. There are refugees in Israel whose lives are at stake if they get deported back to the West Bank.

Yet another fucking moron who can't see the forest for the trees.

Here's the link for that story about the pals killing homosexuals.

I never said "Zionist dogs," although I did use intemperate language albeit usually ONLY after some lovely Likud type person told ME, Vince, to stick various, assorted and sundry objects up a certain orifice of mine. How Rude!

In any case, no I'm not sexist.

My apology to Michelle was sincere. One would think that someone who has a mouth to shame a truck driver couldn't be all bad. Perhaps I was wrong.

Entrails? Eweee..

Suffice to say now that Michelle has gotten me ignominiously booted off Indymedia, NYC. I have more time to bring my important message here to right wing sites! You certainly do have some misguided notions, which I hope to rectify.

In Solidarity,

Vince, calling women you don't know personally (and even some that you do, if you don't know that they like it), things like "sweeties," "honey," and so on, is considered to be sexist behavior. At the very least, it is downright (as you put it) Rude. As is threatening to visit "right wing" sites and "rectify" their "misguided notions." I know the concept of people thinking differently from you is difficult to grasp, but try. In any case, I doubt that there is anything new you could bring to this party. We've heard it all. I look forward to lectures about the evils of the Bush Junta™, how Mossad was behind the World Trade Center attack, how it was really all America's fault anyway because Bush refused to sign the Kyoto treaty, etc., etc., and ad nauseum.

Dearest Andrea,

You are completely wrong about the Mossad. The illustrious Mr. Gerald Falwel has informed us, and I've been apprised in an on-again, off-again, email campaign, from whom I'm assuming are his supporters, that it was people with predilections such as myself, that caused the World Trade Center attack. Apparently, I'm some sort of abomination for which God had to murder 3,000 of my fellow citizens.

Now, much to her credit and spirit of generosity, Michelle has accepted my apology and I thank her for that. Truth be told, I was an ass. If someone were to post my picture on the world wide web, I would have flipped my wig, had a foot-stomping hissy fit and been disinclined to forgive. Michelle is a bigger woman than I.

Well, if you, Angela, choose, to respond to this, you may do me the favor of please leaving off references to gender confusion. I am NOT confused: I am gayer than a pink bonnet.

Now, I do not threaten anyone. I inform and educate. I agree to disagree and to your God given right to be wrong. Of course, if the good-natured and forgiving Michelle herself asks me to stop reading here, I will abide.

Well, I hope this allayed some of your unnecessary fears.

As for the preceding poster concerned about homophobia, real and imagined, coming from the Arab community, I am happy to report, and I'm assuming we only have Allah to thank, that the Imam of the local mosque, has given up asking me when I'm going to be married.

Furthermore, I didn't plant the Mosque at the end of our block. It sprouted up. It's the closest thing to living in Islamabad without actually having to step foot in that, at times, less than dynamic country. Thankfully though, I've not seen burning effigies locally. More importantly for my beauty rest, a muezzin beckoning from the minaret tower that looms over the horizon, has not awoken me pre-dawn. Unfortunately, I'm sure it's only a matter of time, and an ACLU lawsuit, away.

Finally, I cannot give Michelle all the credit for me being asked to leave, unceremoniously I might add, from NYC Indymedia. I had an ongoing imbroglio/donnybrook with a feminist/Lesbian writer/satirist, a.k.a Suzie Day who kept insisting, libelously and in print, that gay men were only interested in shopping rather than peace and justice. Apparently, in the enigma that is the current IMC NYC Moderation policy, it is okay to slight gay men, but not acceptable to refer to someone as a "bull dyke".



If you take Falwell seriously, you're worse off than most of us, oh say about 95%.

You certainly do have some misguided notions, which I hope to rectify.

I inform and educate. I agree to disagree and to your God given right to be wrong

Pardon my french, but what an arrogant, overblown, nauseating, blithering crock of shit!




Didn't read.

Dearie Andrea,

How is this for brevity:

"I'm here, I'm Queer, Get used to it!"


Since Michele doesn't have images on, here Vincey Poo:

Vince: ooh! You're gay! I'm so so scawed of the scawey gay man! Hold me, Mommy!

I mean, so what? That's nice. However, your sexual preference doesn't give you a special dispensation to be a jerk.

A benefit for Palestinian hospitals, eh?

I wonder what percentage of the take went to Hamas/PFLP/etc?

I'm guessing most of it. But I'd LOVE to be wrong. I'd LOVE to be shown to be wrong, too, rather than just have it asserted. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Me, I just donate to MDA directly. They don't fund blowing anyone up, and they'll patch up Palestinians as well as Israelis.

But, of course, they're a tool of the Imperialist Colonialist Zionist Istist Oppressors.