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i feel so unclean now...

This is shaping up to be a terrible sports week for me. First the Yankees (who are being one-hit as of right now), now Green Bay. Good thing hockey hasn't started yet or I would probably be looking at a losing trifecta.

I have not forgotten about my bet. It's very hard to find something with a Red Sox logo in New York. Please settle for this until I do find something.

Update: The Yanks have pulled ahead. I'm not even going to bother looking at the Green Bay score.



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Since Bernie homered, that part of the post can be edited....

I had to turn it off the Packers game. I couldn't bear to watch anymore.

i thought you had to be smiling... ;)

It's kinda hard for a defense to have any gas in it when Favre throws 3 picks in the first half.

And now the #1 wide reciever is gone...

Hah. How do you think I feel? I'm a freaking Dolphins fan. Now that's pure sports heartbreak.

2.5 games, yo. Damn.

well maybe you should start cheering for the minnesota teams

twins #1 in thier division although the entire division sucks

vikes #1 in thier division tied with the lions after one game

wild well the season starts soon

Cheer for the Twins but never the Vikings. Heck, if they lose next week to the lowly Bears most Vikings fans won't be cheering for the Vikings.

C'mon now, chin up. As much as I'll be pulling against them, the Yanks still have an excellent chance of winning the division. They even get to play the Tigers!

While I despise Steinbrenner, I do have great respect for Joe Torre (I just wish George would fire him so we can get him back to the Cardinals where he belongs). And I also respect Bernie Williams as a very good ballplayer and a seemingly good guy.

However, I'll never understand how Joe can let Bernie get away with not running out ground balls. This is just an example, I know that refusing to run out ground balls is an epidemic that's spread all over the sport. It is - or should be - an integral part of baseball. If you don't do it, you're telling your team that your individual success or failure is more important than the team's, i.e. the chance of reaching base via an error isn't worth your expending any effort. That behavior and attitude ought to be totally unacceptable, yet it seems to go unchallenged these days.

You root for the Yankees AND the Packers? You're starting to make it VERY hard for this Twins/Vikings fan to like you. But I still do anyway :)