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of humanity

Rossi writes: I started looking at some photos taken of me at ground zero...I considered running them on my site two years ago but decided against it because everyone in the photos is smiling, myself included.

It seemed absurd for us all to look so charged, so happy as if we were doing a job we absolutely loved.

But you see, nearly two years later, that's the thing that has stayed with me the most. Now that the horror has let go its icy grasp, I remember most the love, the kindness, the unflinching bravery and goodness that was more thick and tangible than the endless smoke.

.....But it's right that we should have smiled, because then and now, we had found the one good thing to come out of that wreckage;


When you are done reading that post, go read her archives from September, 2001, of the time she spent at Ground Zero, cooking, serving and handing out large helpings of humanity.