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out of the sky

plane911.jpgThe camera, pointed upward, zoomed in and out, and then, with a roar in the background that built to a piercing screech, it locked on the terrifying image of the second plane as it soared, like some awful bird of prey, almost straight overhead, banking steeply, and blasted into the south tower.

Less than one week before the anniversary of the attacks on America, a new video tape has surfaced. This image took the wind out of me, as if I had been knocked down by a blow to the chest.

"Now they are beautifully visible," Mr. Hlava narrated in the manner of home movies. "Do you see that? The two tallest buildings in New York: 411 meters."

That's what the person who took the video, Pavel Hlava, was saying as he scanned the New York skyline while aiming his video camera at the towers.

And then:

"A short while ago we were camera-ing the twins and they were cool," he said in Czech. "And now they're on fire."

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One of the most powerful clips of footage for me was of a business man being interviewed - the sound was off, I don't know what the interview was for - and the Trade Center was in the frame just above him. As one of the planes hit, you saw everyone jump as they realized what happened.

I will never forget.

That's a nice shot, dramatic, eye-catching, and also very, very creepy.

And I wonder in 20 years,how many of us will still remember the feeling of that day... the feelings of uncertainty. How scary it was when people so full of hate were able to come into our country and cause so much destruction. And I don't imagine that it will be as many as those who remembered last year, or will remember this year... and will you still remember in 5 years, in 10 years, in 20 years?

And when this aweful war has ended will you remember those who lost their lives that fateful day? The blood that was shed? Will you care that a life was taken? That a baby was murdered? That our freedom and our lives were attacked?

Tina, I submit to you that because of people like Michele we won't ever forget. We may heal, somewhat, but forget? Nope.

its good to find this footage
and thank god his son did not erase it
but damn
its still so %$#^* unbelievable
can you believe it
two planes
rammed into the WTC
and it fell down
its still too much to fathom

And why exactly does the media believe we can't handle seeing this footage this thursday? Why are they just glossing over it as if it were just another day?

Because they can't handle it. They don't care what we think -- we are only a nameless, faceless "viewer demographic."

Wow... reading that article made it seem like yesterday... The weather this week is going to be eerily like it was 2 years ago, too.


Two years later and flags are still out.

This country is toughening up. The world isn't paying attention.