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credit where credit due

The background image that you all love so much came from iStockPhoto.com, which I've linked down in the bottom.

The photographer's name is Chris Bokitch and I will definitely be using more of his photos as backgrounds. And here are some more shots of the model in the picture.

You may resume laughing at my Yankees now. I'm off to buy something that has the Red Sox logo on it. I may be a lot of things, but I am not a welsher.


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I love it and recognized it immediately. Have you checked out Gremlin's work at istockphoto.com? I love most of his stuff, even though a lot of it is dark and brooding. He does a lot of young women in flirtatious poses.

I've been going hog-wild designing skins and have weeded out my stock photo directory. Stay tuned as I'll be putting a few out there for grabs.

Again, love the look!


oh. my. god. look at "vintage dress photoshoot." i would kill whole towns for that dress.

Brianna Marie Wettlaufer-Bokitch.

Now that's a name.

And people accuse me of porn inferences! Dig her skirt.

Pretty soon you're going to be unstoppable Chele. Your design skills are beginning to rival even mine... and your choice of babes has gone beyond my predilection for cartoon booty.

Istockphoto is bad ass, some really useful stuff there! Wow Gremlins stuff is pretty interesting, alot of good images there. I thought these were some neat images.

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